Driving lesson update

9th lesson which I was in the driver’s seat for the whole two hours of my lesson, covering over three areas, so I had a good drive.
I did my clutch practise on the hill again and after today I feel I no longer need to do this after getting to grips with it quicker.
New focus on todays lesson was roundabouts.
Although anxious while driving around, my confidence still remained good since last week. After driving for a full two hours today, I can feel it on my legs a bit. I can also feel it in my arms and shoulders through tensing up at times.

Next week, my instructor is going to bring his laptop so I can practise my theory, then after he will help me with the Hazzard Perception, as this is where I may struggle due to clicking a little earlier than I should.

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    1. I’m not in a position to afford a car yet, so once I have passed, I will probably use a hire car the odd times. It’s the buying the car part. Once I have it, then yes, there will be no stopping me. 🙂

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