My driving lesson update

It was my 10th driving lesson today, but today it was just to focus on my Theory Test and Hazard Perception. No driving today.
It was coffee at a place not so far away from where I live and I had a go at my Theory Test, followed by Hazard Perception test, so I could be given tips on how to improve on the Hazard Perception.
The Theory Test I passed, which I have always done and so I am confident there, although I still always revise as there is always room for improvement.
Next was the Hazard Perception, which I was nowhere near passing. Not a surprise for me as this is where I struggled. So the next thing was to go through these individual videos and see where I went wrong and discussing what it was I seen in each video. Once I was given the tips, I practised on a few with my instructor and reviewing them after to see where I went right or wrong. I then had a go at the Hazard Perception again and this time I passed with flying colours. 🙂 So between now and when I have my next lesson next Thursday, I am to practise my Hazard Perception and more of my Theory Test if I want and if I feel happy about it all, then he will get me booked in for the tests. 🙂

So while this is going on, I may be quiet here at times. There is only one post ready for schedule in about 11 days, but do please leave comments on any of my posts and I will air them when I can, as well as reply. 🙂

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    1. It’s certainly exciting and my further Hazard Perception tests are still very good. I can see me saying yes on Friday, to get the Theory and Hazard Perception test set. 😀

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