Chit-chat; garden and other topics

Here are a couple of photos from my garden, which shows the fourth trellis I talked about in this post. I have just not got round to putting on the fake hedging yet, due to lack of motivation at times, but also it has been raining a lately.

Garden photo 3

garden photo 1

Job hunting

Since this chit-chat post, where I talked about the frustrations of my job hunting, I have stopped looking. I have been put off, as it just created a negative effect for me. But there was something else I was hoping for and that was to start a self-employment job up for myself, while still working where I am. The only obstacle was would my landlord let me? Well…. he said yes. 🙂 A couple of people I have spoken to in small details about this, were confused as to why a landlord would refuse when I will be looking after pets at the clients home and have no intention of bringing any pets back at my place. This is because it may affect their insurance the landlord has on the property I rent. (There could be other reasons I am not aware of too.) I had a back-up plan should he have said no, but it would have meant more starting costs and it would have also meant that I would not have been able to set it up anytime soon. Thankfully, I did not need that back-up.
The job I would like to set up is pet sitting and dog walking in my local area. This would be doing something I love, as well as a job that keeps me active. I have wanted to do this for some years, but confidence issues stopped me on a lot of levels.
The world of self-employment is nothing new to me, so filling in tax return forms, book-keeping and filing necessary documents and saving necessary paperwork I have experience in. But this job, compared to my other self-employment work will come will a lot more responsibility and this will take some months of planning all the details before it becomes all official.
Although I am animal mad and I have knowledge of some animals, along with plenty of experiences with cats, experiences with dogs and some small animals, I also want to extend my knowledge and make sure knowledge I have is up-to-date. So while I am having my driving lessons, I will be doing further squatting in animal books. I also plan to now get my health care course out the way, rather than take it at a slow pace as I was originally planning with that one, so it is not forgotten when I start to be busy with my business. I shall also be taking a course with NARPS, prior to opening my business and one or two other courses elsewhere before, or when my business starts.

Naughty, naughty, me

Since this post where I talked about moving my furniture around, I have been naughty some nights being on my computer past a certain time. Regular readers will know I put a curfew of no later than 7pm at night, but some nights I have been on quite late. I need to remind myself and remain strict with this, because I know by doing this, it helps me to sleep well. Although my sleep has not been disrupted this time, I am not taking any chances by continuing it. The only change that will come later, is that the time will change to no later than 8.30pm.

My cat

Miley is doing better now I brush her every other day. This is helping her greatly due to when she was moulting a lot of her fur with not knowing whether she was coming or going with the weather.
Miley is also having her teeth cleaned soon. I hope she comes round better from her anaesthetic though. Although she was at no risk that time round, I could not help as a worried owner.
I leave you with a couple of photos, of Miley. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Chit-chat; garden and other topics

  1. I think the self-employed business idea is fantastic, and you’re certainly well-equipped and smart enough to get your ‘ducks in a row’ so to speak to set it up. Keep us posted on how things go! And Miley looks gorgeous, what a cutie 🙂
    Caz x

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