I am having no more manual driving lessons

Yesterday was my 12th driving lesson which was a little bit mixed in how I responded to driving, as I seemed to have taken a few steps back, which something I felt, but also my instructor mentioned.
Being a new situation, I stalled a few times, which my instructor said was all normal. But the stalling was avoidable because I was in the wrong gear needed at that time. I thought I was having trouble with both the clutch and gears again, until the instructor said it was because I was in the wrong gear. So just when I think I have got the knack, I haven’t.

Now I can understand when the instructor needs to grab the steering wheel at certain times if I am putting us in danger some how. That I accept. But once again, the steering wheel was grabbed and I wondered at that point it was happening as in what I am doing wrong now. I heard him wrong again, as I thought I was going to be doing a left turn ahead. I did not hear him say pull over.
This situation does not help me when I am anxious, (which when I said I did not hear him say that and was preparing a left turn ahead, he did apologise for that.)
I nearly broke down in tears, which I bet he noticed because I could feel my chin quivering. I was already sore from the sharp brake before that he had to do, but when it happened for this situation, it stung even more and I am feeling it.
This has not been the first time in a lesson he has wanted me to pull over before and grab the steering wheel to do it, because I did not hear him, instead preparing to do my turn I thought I heard.
Although I was partly upbeat when I left, by night-time I cried big time, to an extent I have not done before.
This morning I am still feeling low and, tearful and I contacted him to tell him I would not be having more lessons, so to refund what I paid in advance accordingly. I will still though be interested in taking my theory test and so I will look out for the appropriate email for that.

I have contacted this morning via email, one of the driving schools I contacted before regarding automatic driving lessons. I wish I never took my name off this one some weeks ago, along with another. I am hoping they will put my name back down back on their driving school list.


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  1. You’ve literally written what happened with me although I wasn’t as quick as you to take practical steps forward and I quit and then tried again and then quit and repeat for 10 years! 10 YEARS!! then I finally learnt in an auto so I think this is a really good idea. Driving an auto is easy, it really is. All you need to concentrate on is the road and it’s just stop and go! I think this will build your confidence so much.

    Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s such a hard skill to learn I know.


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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I know that when driving an automatic I will probably have that extra anxiety than needed due to low confidence I have, but hopefully it will quickly go.

      I will try not to be hard on myself. x


  2. Im sure this feels disappointing. Hopefully with a different teacher you will be back in the student-driver seat soon. Be kind to yourself. You are undertaking a big new skill. ❤️

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    1. Yes it feels disappointing, as I wanted to so much at least pass in a manual, just to say I had done it. But I just want to look forward to automatic lessons now and get driving. 🙂

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  3. Oh I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough time with it, he doesn’t sound too empathic or understanding at all.. I remember coming across an instructor ages ago that advertised services for those with disabilities and/or anxiety (I’d finally managed to pass by that point otherwise I would have given them a call because someone more understanding of anxiety would have been brilliant). You can do this, you’ll get there, and I hope you don’t wait too long to get to see the next instructor.xx

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    1. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for automatic lessons either. I have emailed one and waiting to hear from them, so I know it is official that I am on their waiting list and decide from there whether to put my name down on another driving school waiting list. x


    1. Thanks. Yes, the automatic should be better. I have a friend who drives an automatic and he prefers this. But he can drive a manual as well, which comes in handy now and again. x

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