How quick did you take to automatic car lessons?

I am trying not to think about Monday evening much, when I have my first automatic driving lesson, since quitting manual lessons. If I do, anxiety creeps in. I am trying to remind myself with positive thoughts of the following:

  • I have a new instructor
  • I am with a new driving school
  • It’s an automatic, not a manual
  • I will enjoy it
  • I will find it easier
  • There is no gears or clutch to worry about
  • So it will be bloody better

As I say, my anxiety creeps in and positive thoughts I am struggling with to try to ease my nerves. So lets hope on the day, I will be much better and back to the beaming smile of accomplishment.

A question for my readers who drive automatic.

How did you get on and did it take long to feel confident driving an automatic car?

Do share any other experiences you can give.

Thank you in advance. 🙂

10 thoughts on “How quick did you take to automatic car lessons?

  1. You are saying all the right things to yourself. An automatic is much easier. Just turn the key, press the gas pedal and you’re on your way. I bet your confidence will soar after your first lesson! 😃

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  2. I’m afraid I can’t help much, having never driven an automatic, but I think you’ve listed some good positives. As with anything else, it’s new; it’s going to be a bit daunting, it’s going to take some getting used to. BUT… You are capable, you can and will adapt and adjust and do amazingly. As Alexis said, your confidence will grow! 🙂
    Caz x

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  3. I think you’ll enjoy the automatic much more. You don’t have to worry about stalling and can focus on all the other important things. It takes some of the stress out of driving. Best of luck for Monday!

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  4. You’ll get it 🙂 I learned on automatic. It took me about 6 months of driving lessons (family and friend) and then to feel comfortable completely took much longer but it’s experience that helps 🙂 Practice DOES help!

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  5. Before I could reach the pedals of the car, I sat on my father’s lap and ‘drove’. When I could reach the pedals, I drove country roads. Driving an automatic was automatic for me when it came time for getting a license.

    I have read your update to driving automatics. You are doing great. You know that, right?

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    1. Hi Ren. That was a great experience you had, that became valuable for you.

      I know I will get there, but seeing I am a better driver than I think I am is taking some doing. But to have a second instructor say it, hopefully, I will start to believe in this. I guess I am part way there, because I can see me driving an automatic.
      Also, having time to reflect on the recent assessment I had, I now realise that some of the fears I thought were dues to certain situations, were actually just the gears and the clutch that created it, because being in that fear I thought I had, did not get any worse. I just had the same peak of anxiety. I feel reassured by this driving instructor. I just need to believe in myself. In fact, the three-point turn I did for the first time in that assessment, I did ok in turning and a mistake I made at the beginning I realised was wrong before the instructor told me. So another where I am telling myself, I will do this. 🙂

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