A short chit-chat

I received my certificate recently for my final paper for my ‘Health Care – Managing Challenging Behaviour’ course and I received a ‘High Merit.”

I am not doing any animal-related courses with NARPS now. This was because I spent half an hour just trying to register because of their website timing out.
There has been many occasions before, when visiting their website it times out, so I did wonder when I was planning to do my course there, what luck would I have.
When I did finally get to register, they did not accept my payment! Surprisingly, when writing out a complaint using their contact form and having the same issue of timing out, that actually got through. I said in response to their email that to just remove me off their list, as I am going elsewhere to do my courses now.
After searching around elsewhere and weighing them up, I have now registered with Stonebridge College. I await for my first course with them, as I have chosen to do via post, as this is my preference. (You can do it online if you want to.)
If I am happy with this course, then I already have another I plan to do after, once complete.

Outside, I got round to finally putting up on the artificial hedging on my fourth trellis planter. Do you remember the pansy that I nearly killed over and over in the early days? It is doing very well now. This one single plant has nearly completely covered the pot, around my rose-bush, as this photo shows. 🙂

You will also see my fourth trellis in the background of this photo, with the artificial hedging on. I will take a view from the distance of the whole garden another time.

pansy growing well in my rose bush container


6 thoughts on “A short chit-chat

    1. “Mental Health -Challenging managing behaviour” was good, but it is best aimed at those who actually work in a care setting, rather than at anyone as it was aimed at, because there were a few things I could not do in my work books and one affected my final coursework piece, because I could not answer a question that would have been a long worded piece to write, because I do not work in a nursing home setting to try what was asked of me. So I would not recommend that one, unless you were working in a care setting role.

      The course I have joined at Stonebridge is to help with my business I intend to start. I’m doing “Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting Professional Course.”
      Although I have knowledge, I want to get it down on paper as well as I know there will be new things to learn.

      After this one, I plan to do”‘Animal Care” certificate next. 🙂


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