3 years today…

Today, I seen on my Facebook timeline a post I had written here that I thought I would re-share. It is 3 years today, when I decided I wasn’t drinking any more alcohol. Yes, I have felt at times I have fancied a drink, (for the wrong reasons,) but I have not touched. The urges are not strong as they were and I still feel this was the best decision for me to not drink again.
For those that are new to my blog and may not have seen my post that explained why I chose to stop, then this post you will find here.


11 thoughts on “3 years today…

  1. Proud of you , once again! Good for you !!! Alcohol took my mother when she was only 49 years old. Was a horrible end to a beautiful life. That was 40 years ago next month. I will be 60 this year.
    I can kind of relate to you on this…. I quit a 40+ year smoking habit, three years ago. Nearly every day, I crave a smoke and have not lit up a singe one. In fact, someone recently gave me a pack of cigarettes (was a ha ha moment, nothing bad)….. I had no desire to explore, what was inside. I feel that was my ‘ultimate’ challenge and answer to my past addiction.
    You are such a powerful and fantastic person! Hugs to you and enjoy your weekend ahead!

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    1. Thank you Ren for your lovely and wonderful comment and sharing your experiences.

      I can’t wait for end of shift tonight at work and for the weekend. Enjoy yours too. 🙂 x

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