My pet sitting course in a bit more detail

My course assignment and preparing my necessary folders

As you know, my latest studying I will be doing over the coming months is, “Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting Course,” with Stonebridge College. I thought I’d talk about my course a little bit more in its own post, although I’m sure I will share my study experience in some way as I progress through this course in the coming months.
This course has 13 assignments and a final examination at the end.

My course contents:

Assignment one: Safety, Health and Hygiene
Assignment two: Getting Started Running Your Pet Care Business
Assignment three: Pet Sitting Basics
Assignment four: Pre-Service Visit
Assignment five: Dog Walking
Assignment six: First Aid
Assignment eight: Dogs and Cats
Assignment nine: Birds
Assignment ten: Fish
Assignment eleven: Reptiles
Assignment twelve: Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats and Mice
Assignment thirteen: Rabbits and Guinea pigs

Final Examination

There will be certificates at the end; a diploma from Stonebridge College and a level 4 certificate from ABC. (I previously said Level 3 in a comment on a post, but now corrected as it is level 4 due to reading my notes wrong about this course and another I plan to do later.)

Like my courses I have done elsewhere, you receive the first two assignments and question paper for the first assignment. When you have posted off your first assignment, you read the second one. When your first assignment is marked and you receive feedback on it, they also include question paper for assignment two and assignment three booklet and this is how it continues through the course so you can continue working while the previous is being marked and awaiting for results of that one and next question paper.

For my course, it is recommended I build up my own scrapbook, hence another folder in my photo. This is so I can paste cuttings discovered from my readings and keep building it as my knowledge and interest grows, creating a new set of data.

I hope you have enjoyed knowing a bit more about my new course and thank you for showing interest.

More can be found here about this course, which will take you to Stonebridge College.

5 thoughts on “My pet sitting course in a bit more detail

    1. Certainly great and with this course and another course I plan to take later, should I not use it for business until a much later date, I still feel that it will help personally too.
      There is always something to learn new, no matter how long I have in experiences of looking after pets. 🙂

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    2. I want to do a feline behaviour course somewhere down the line, whether for business or for personal use. My speciality, is adopting nervous cats. (Older cat.) Give them a good home and another chance. 🙂


  1. Thank you for posting this. You keep sparking my interest in wanting to do online courses! Trying to find a cheap online course to do to try out and see if I can manage time well. Most online courses you have to phone to register/find out more information. So frustrating. Hoping to find a way round it

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    1. You’re welcome. The courses with BSY and now the one with Stonebridge you don’t have to phone to register, there is an option to do it also online.
      If you struggle with the courses you are doing or need to query, there is email option as well as phone.
      Just bear in mind when doing online courses, not all of them are recognised, but instead just show you have studied that course. Only two courses; one I have completed and the new course I am starting with Stonebridge are recognised with having the certificate from ABC awards.
      You will need to be motivated to set yourself your own study routine each week. Good luck if you decide to do it. 🙂


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