Going to be having my own D.I.Y. retreat

In a couple of past blog posts I have talked about D.I.Y retreats, after coming across another blogger who created her own retreat. (Related links at the end of this post.)
In the “Chit Chat” post, I showed you my box of goodies for my first and any future D.I.Y. retreats I plan to have. But to actually do my retreat, I had not picked dates when I was going to do it and I was wondering when I would. So after making time in my diary, I plan to have my retreat at home, 22nd to 24th September. I would have loved to have done it all week, but that was impossible. But this is better than nothing. 🙂
During this time I plan to have my D.I.Y. retreat at home, I will be uncontactable, as I won’t be using my mobile phone, or social medial and on the days I plan to be at home, if someone does ring my doorbell, then I won’t be answering.
I am allowing myself the use of my camera, but whether I will use it, I don’t know.

What I have learnt from looking up D.I.Y. retreats and also from the blogger who did one herself, which I shared her blog posts of her experience in the last link below, is that creating your own D.I.Y. retreat is personal to you. There is no right or wrong way about it and you can create different kinds of retreats yourself, especially if we don’t have the luxury to go away and pay for a retreat holiday.

I will share my retreat later, over three posts.

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