My D.I.Y. Retreat: 1 of 3

So here is first post of three about my D.I.Y. Retreat in general and then there will be a fourth post some time later, which will be my reflection post.

This post, like the next two to follow, I will share my menu and schedule and then talk about some of my activities.


Toast with butter
Greek yogurt with fresh fruit
Tea or coffee

Salmon with mixed veg and potatoes

Cheese and beetroot sandwich
Jelly with greek yogurt


8am – 9am Breakfast
9am – 10am read a book
10am – 11am Free time (Answer coaching session questions.)
12.30 – 1.30 Lunch
1.30pm – 3pm Walk out in local park, then return home.
4pm – 5.30pm Paint my nails and relax (Finish off coaching session questions.) 6pm – 7pm Dinner
7pm – 9pm Free time and reflection
9pm or 10pm Bed

I was tired on getting up, so I had to really push myself out of bed. After breakfast, it was nice to give myself time to read a book I have been meaning to finish off reading; “A Cat is Watching,” by Roger A. Caras.

When it came to Zumba, I decided to play lesson not tried so far since owning this DVD. This one was the hardest of them all and I felt I had no co-ordination at all. But I did continue with it and tried the best I could to copy what they were doing. I kept this up for the first half hour, then I just watched with odd booging. I enjoyed it regardless and my mood felt better than it did first thing this morning, although I still felt the same tiredness.

I was thankful it was a lovely day today, with walking out in my local park planned, for a couple of hours. Walking in my local park is something I don’t very often do, to say it is not far away. Before heading home from my walk, I called into The Rumbles cafe for a latte.
Walking, or just sitting in the park, watching the world go by was relaxing.

When I was back home, I made myself a drink of Green Tea, painted my nails, (which I have not done for a while) and then I put my feet up, to read my next chosen book; “Molly and the Cat Cafe,” by Melissa Daley. Miley joined me, by sleeping on my lap.

After dinner, it was free time and reflection, which after doing my reflection in my journal, I did end up breaking the no technology rule at this point. This was to satisfy a curiosity that had been at the back of my mind for the last few hours. Once I did that, I was able to ease some anxiety. But before turning computer off, I did a job search and I applied for a job. This same job and company will be the second time I have applied. (The last time being I think a year ago.) I am hoping it will be second time lucky, as the difference between now and then, is that I now have my COSHH certificate. Something which was desirable and another person had. I am hoping from feedback the last time I applied, that I also take lessons on board to sell myself better and that I am appealing to them work-wise. Once I had done this, the computer was definitely off! and I was in bed half an hour after.

See My D.I.Y. Retreat: 2 of 3 tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “My D.I.Y. Retreat: 1 of 3

  1. This is really inspiring. I am so often rushing around and, when I do stop, I feel guilty for not making the best use of my time, so I don’t feel as relaxed as I should. I think I need to play a D.I.Y. Retreat of my own. It sounds a brilliant idea and would be a great way to have some quiet time but also do things like catching up on my long list of un-read books. Good luck with the job application too!


    1. I felt like I had a holiday at the end of it, to say I was in my area and not elsewhere. I am surprised of the effect, so need to keep this in mind and do again. Nice to hear you find it inspiring and thanks. I will keep updated in a blog post on whether I get the job or not. (Or even an interview at least.) 🙂

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