A bit of Vitamin D continued

I decided after the previous post; ‘A bit of Vitamin D’, to take supplements. This was after from further reading on other websites after the one I shared at the end of that post.
It influenced me because of knowing how it is getting at that time of the year when we won’t be seeing much sun and for me to have had it already, I thought I would take the recommended dose of 10 micrograms. Although I eat food that contains it, I’m not getting enough obviously and at times I have slacked in this area with some of the foods it recommends for vitamin D, so this is why I changed my mind. But I am only taking it from now till end of winter, as by when the weather comes round nice again, hopefully I will get it from the sun and with the food as well hopefully stay at a good level. But I may have to bear in mind I may be one of those that has to take it in autumn and winter again.
I went to Holland and Barrett and bought the appropriate dosage. They only cost £3.59 for 100 tablets, so I don’t think that is a bad price.

Further reading :

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