Hoping 2

Last time I written a post about hope, was just over a month ago and I hope again. I am feeling desperate after another work night and as I write this, I am trying to calm my anxiety down. I am upset, feeling nausea and I can feel a migraine coming on, so as soon as I air this, I am off to bed. I shall let my cat sleep with me, as I know she senses my upset. She was upset from what she picked up, but is happy on my lap as I write this now.

I am hoping I can get through the next 2 days at work, then it is a long weekend. A very long one, due to having my tooth out next week.

I am hoping to get through tomorrow morning, when I visit someone who would like a small favour. Then I am hoping I get through my shift, later that day, and the next day, as already mentioned.
I would like to phone in sick, but this would be awkward to do, I think on so many levels. Not me. Them.

I am hoping I can be myself on Friday, because I have a job interview.
I am thankful I have this interview alone, but I am hoping (and desperate for this job.) My mum says to try to not get my hopes up, but I can’t help it and I am desperate. I really need this break. If I am unlucky to get this job, I would apply again if it ever came up. I would not give up. But I am hoping I will get this. I don’t know what I would do if I did not.

That’s my hoping for now.

15 thoughts on “Hoping 2

  1. Omg good luck for the interview!! Remember getting the interview is a sign they are already very interested in you! You’ve already been shortlisted and chosen out of others, now is your time to shine! Best of luck xx

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    1. I am more aware if I want to scratch my face around the site that is tender. Other times it’s that transference type pain.It’s not been bad yesterday and hopefully today will be the same.

      I hope I get it too. I am dreading just going into work tonight with how I was upset last night with it all. I really want my energy and focus to do well at this interview. 🙂 Many thanks. x

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  2. Wow that’s really awesome. I have been very lucky to read your post and to be truthful, reading your post made my day 😊. Thanks a lot for posting it. Take care and have an awesome day ahead my friend 😇

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