No longer having car lesson to pass my test

Following on from last nights post; “Is it worth me doing?” I have decided on no more lessons to try to pass my driving test. A particular person who supported me is fine with my decision after explaining my concerns. I won’t explain those here as I have already done that in the above post linked. So if you have not read that one, then do click on it. But I would like to say in this post, is thank you to my readers who supported me and gave me advice while learning to drive and for following my journey. I have already said my thanks to friends via my Facebook page, but as some of my friends will be reading here too, I will say thank you to you as well here. 🙂 The support you have given, has been much appreciated.

I will not forget the confidence that my driving lessons have given me and I will take that with me. I will also remember at times when at the beginning, I had no faith in my abilities while everyone else did, (including my driving instructor,) before I learnt to have faith in myself. I will remember that faith gained when I eventually got it and the patience from driving instructor. I recommend the driving school that I learnt with, whether you want to learn in an automatic car as I did, or in a manual car.

4 thoughts on “No longer having car lesson to pass my test

  1. Proud of you, Liz. You had best be proud of Liz, too.
    I love how you worked through your driving dilemma and came to a decision.
    In fact, YOU accomplished a LOT during all of your driving lesson experiences. I mean… you were learning to drive a manual, when you really did not want to do so. That was powerful!! Not only did you put your trust in the instructor, you trusted and believed in YOU! And look at you today…. you are much more self-confident, stronger. You have grown/expanded greatly since I first met you. 😀 Happy for you.

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    1. Many thanks Ren and Happy New Year. Yes, I certainly feel stronger for the experiences. It took a while to believe in myself, but I did in the end with my last instructor and driving in the automatic. I had a can-do attitude again. If I ever do get to drive, (if I can afford it and have no money worries,) then automatic is definitely for me. Due to the experience of it, I may not have aimed in the end to get my driving license, but i feel my money has not been wasted due to experience of it. 😀

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      1. Beautifully said! Very happy for you. Keep flapping them wings, I believe Life does get easier and a whole lot funner, when we strengthen ourselves by BEing and DOing. You have been a grand example for others too! Happy New Year indeed, for this will be an ultimately beautiful/fantastic and magical year. And it all depends on what you believe….. 😀

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