My bullet journal

I said in my first post, “First chit-chat of 2018” that I would share my bullet-journal sometime in February. So here it is. 🙂

Below, is my Mood Tracker for 2017. It is colour coded to show my moods. There have been days where I had been feeling different things, hence the different colours in the squares.

My colour coding I use and their possible meanings, when I use that colour that day:

  • Red is for – angry, frustrated, annoyed, anxious, or grumpy.
  • Orange is for – average, normal, or uneventful.
  • Brown is for – sick, tired, lazy, lethargic, unmotivated, or exhausted.
  • Green is for – productive, alive, active, energetic, or focused.
  • Blue is for – sad lonely, depressed, insecure, down, or numb.
  • Purple is for – unsure, or disassociated.
  • Yellow is for – joyful, happy, fulfilled, content, satisfied, or good.

Mood Tracker 2017

Here is my Mood Tracker for 2018. What a difference, since being in my new job. 🙂 I use the same colour coding, as before. I think this is great to use if you want to monitor your moods when suffering from depression, anxiety etc…

Mood Tracker 2018

Below, where I share another two pages from my bullet-journal, shows a quote, “There is nothing like a good book, to escape into” and my reading book list. The books where I have written the titles, I have either these books already, or that are on my wish list. My wish list is marked by a * with an arrow pointing downwards, on the book. This is the only book I plan to buy and read one day, which will stay on my bookshelf.
Where I have an x in the box on my book, means I have read it and where there is / means I’m currently reading.

Quote and my bookshelf

This page in photo below from my journal, shows self-care ideas I discovered.

Self Care ideas

Another two pages from my journal below, which apologies for picture of the dog not showing clearly. (This was from my flash, with paper being glossy.) I just cut the dog picture out of a magazine and glued in my journal. I used glitter tape to frame the picture of the dog.
The other page shows a quote, “Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.”

Another couple pages of my journal

I put this compliment and reminder from a reader of my blog, inside my journal. Ren left this on my last blog post last year and I put this in my journal, as I felt I needed this reminder at the time to look at while away from blogging. “You got this, Liz! You are a good person and you know it. Do you tell yourself, out loud, of all your accomplishments? Of how proud you are of yourself? What a beautiful being you ARE? I great compliment goes a long way.”

Compliment from a reader of my blog

This journal two-page spread shows my goals, in a way I can see easy at a glance.

Goals page of my journal

I need to know how to draw a banner and so I copied the instructions into my journal for reference.

How to draw a banner

I used a banner to label my “DVD’s I’d like to watch” page of my journal. Symbols I used here, were a tick if I watched it. A * meant it was on my wish list. (Some I have bought already.) A x meant I didn’t watch it. This symbol was added after I realised that the DVD I could not watch, did not have subtitles.

DVD's I'd like to watch

I also wrote my “Personal achievements of 2017,” in my journal.

My Journal Case

My journal case I bought after discovering this via another blog many months ago. I can’t remember the blog now. But after she shared it and said how useful it was to her, showing photos, I knew this would be handy for me too. This wasn’t a UK product and so I had to wait a little to receive it. But I am so happy with it and it was a good buy. I have had this for many months now. It was available on Amazon com, but after finding it via there, I searched on UK one and found it. It did not really take long as I thought it would to arrive. It’s good quality and hold quite a lot.

Outside of my journal case

Inside of my journal case 1

Inside of my journal case 2

Inside of my journal case 3


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  1. I love how organized and creative you are! You really are the opposite of me. Hahahaha. I write with a plain pen in rather simple notebooks. If I’m feeling crazy I’ll use a different color pen. 😛

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    1. This way is all new to me after trying it, otherwise it was just straightforward notepad and pen and nothing fancy. However you choose to make notes, or lists, if it works for you then there is nothing wrong in that. When it comes to my diary, if it looks a bit busy, I have to highlight to break it up a little. It helps me to see it a bit better. My diary has to be plain and not lined too. 🙂 x

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  2. Love this so much! Isn’t it crazy to see the change in your moods just from a new job- WOW! That’s also what I am excited for with the bullet journal is to see all your progress. Looking forward to more of your bullet journal updates!

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    1. Thank you for popping over Shannon and having a look. I knew the new job would help me big time, but to see it in my bullet journal, it was shock still. It is certainly a big difference. 🙂

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