Learning to like honey

Four weeks today, I have been suffering with a cold/viral. I have managed to keep going at work during this time, as the last thing I wanted was to be off sick when I have not long started at my new workplace. I have lost my voice just over a week ago, due to a very annoying cough that developed in the last two weeks. If I had a choice which to change first, it would be to get rid of the cough, just so I don’t have these bad coughing bouts that take my breath away and have a good nights sleep.

I have had to cut out milk for the time being, as I realised that my coughs were a little less persistent by doing so. Milk was making my phlegm feel stuck and irritating in my throat.
Due to me being a cereal person when it comes to breakfast mainly, it means I have to look at alternatives to breakfast. (I am missing my cereals.)
I have also learnt to love tea without milk. I suppose having herbal teas over the years has helped with this transition.

Even though I cut out the milk, I still have these annoying coughing bouts that were hurting my throat and taking my breath away. These coughing bouts were so bad, that I was heaving. I read somewhere to put two teaspoons of honey into tea, like a herbal tea for example. Now I am not a honey fan, but feeling desperate to get rid of this annoying cough, or at least ease it, I have given this a go yesterday. I got three mugs of tea in before going to work and already, I could feel some comfort slightly in my throat by the second mug. I got another two in after work, when back at home before bed.
When I had that first mug of tea with honey in, I was getting ready to go yuck on the first sip. (Childhood memory of a cough sweet.) But I stopped myself. I realised it was sweet, but the taste I was expecting from childhood days, that did not happen. It was a little acquired taste with it being sweet, but by the time I had my third swallow, it wasn’t too bad.
Last night, although still a disturbed sleep, it was better than all the other previous nights for just cutting out milk for the time being. I’m hoping tonight, will be even a better sleep.

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    1. Thank you. I have found the honey has helped. Although I had a bit of a disrupted night, it was better than all the other nights and although my voice is hoarse still this morning, I can speak a little more. But I have to watch I just do it gently, as it can still be tender. xx

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