Newsflash! It’s snowing and it’s causing a crisis.

(Content warning: This post contains sarcasm, intended for laughs only. If you can’t stand a laugh, or sarcasm, then please look away now.)

In Nottinghamshire we have heavy snow in case you don’t know already 😉 and all over Facebook there are different posts giving us weather warnings. Snow as usual giving people a panic and a crisis. Now things have slowed, or stopped altogether!

Schools have closed and sending children home, so don’t panic and get stressed. Instead, get outside, build a snowman and a snowball fight. Don’t forget to have a nice hot drink afterwards.
In my day, you don’t hear much about schools closing.

Buses have announced delays, or some services being stopped. So do set out earlier in preparation to getting to your destination, if you need to get out. Otherwise stay in the warmth of your home is recommended.
For me, it will be setting out a little earlier, to make sure I get to work on time. But in preparation that I could be having a good walk home afterwards, because there are no buses running, then I am all layered up. (Knitted hat, scarf and gloves included, along with thermal fleece-lined boots.)
In other countries who have snow worser than us, their world continues to run.

Facebook is even affected by snow! Hence my sarcasm post is now being written here on my blog, instead of my own Facebook wall. I have been unable to post on my own Facebook wall today. I can share a post and comment on other people’s walls and I am seeing updates from some others. (Lucky them.) But I cannot post on my own Facebook wall. 😀

When it snows, we just cannot cope. 😀

4 thoughts on “Newsflash! It’s snowing and it’s causing a crisis.

  1. This made me chuckle! Yep, it’s all anyone talks about as the country grind to a halt, unable to cope with weather (despite knowing in advance what would happen as they forecast it right for a change)! The supermarket near me was looking pretty barren today as people stock up as though an apocalypse was impending… x


    1. 😀 How it was coming across to me on Facebook, it was like a big drama more than normal. I just couldn’t help but roll my eyes and laugh with all the different things I was seeing. x


  2. Ha ha! We are from the Pacific Northwest where it rains more than it does anything else and the nearby woods are officially called the Pacific Temperate Rainforest. We spent a brief 10 months residing in southwest Missouri, where they bundle the kids up and send them to the playground when it snows, but keep them in from recess when it rains. My little girl just shook her head and observed that at home there would never be recess with that attitude….

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