New craft ideas

I like crafts, but for sometime I have not done any. When I am not working, or studying, or what ever else in between, I am relaxing with my cat, Miley, who likes to take my time.  I sometimes cannot even read a book, because she likes to get my full attention when on my lap. 😀
When I have free-time at some point, I would like to get back into my new hobby, crocheting, which has stopped since I shared this post; “Crochet.” I would like to also do some small cross stitching pieces one day, as well as doing some things with pom poms I make like owls for example.

I have also come across a Facebook group called, “Up-Cycled Collective” and I am following the regional group of this, “Friends of the Up-Cycled Collective UK & Ireland.” It’s a mixture of things on both these groups that involve creations from fabric. The idea is to reuse fabric that would otherwise go on a landfill and there are some inspiring creations there. I am interested in one day having a go at braid rugs, or making something from handmade scrap fabric twine, like coasters, or table mats.
Both these groups are closed groups, so you would have to request to join, if it’s a group for you. They are both very welcoming groups.


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3 thoughts on “New craft ideas

  1. I really really want to learn to crochet! Dont know how difficult it is for a blind person though. I can knit so maybe it is going to be easy who knows. I’d like to try mosaic too. xo

    1. I say if you can knit, then have a go at crochet. Get someone to show you and see how you go. I am a complete beginner myself, so with stopping before I got really into it, I think I have forgot what I learnt. Time will tell, when I get back into it. x

      Let me know how you get on in a blog post, should you decide to give crochet a go. x

  2. Ooo upcycling fabric sounds like an interesting idea, and it’s great there are Facebook groups to join to share ideas & get some inspiration! I also need something a little crafty to get into when reading doesn’t cut it and my brain is mush; never tried crochet myself so maybe that’s one I’ll have to add to my 2018 list of things to do/try! 🙂

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