How to trim your own long hair at home

Due to a bad personal experience of someone cutting my own hair, while I was wearing a hairband, I am in fear of cutting hair while wearing one. But I am so long overdue for a trim, I took a look on how I could trim my own hair at the back, because I just wanted to take some ends off.
I cancelled my hair trim at the hairdressers last year, with everything that went off and with not being well since second week of January, I did not book the hairdressers, because of my non-stop coughing.
I now have got rid of the cough, thankfully, but my muscles in left hand-side have not quite settled down yet. I do feel fit to go to the hairdressers, but with my cat having one trip at the vets already and another one due, money-wise, having my hair cut, is the last thing on my mind. So after finding this video of a lady showing how to cut your own hair at home, I took a deep breath and gave it a go. (The hairband positions used in the video are in a different place, to when I had my bad hair experience.)

Although this lady uses the word ‘hair cut,’ you are affectively having a trim and after I tried it, I have to say it went very well for me. So a positive experience.
I don’t know what my hair would be like if I had the straightening irons in it, but that is something I have hardly ever do at home and I only had done every time I was at the hairdressers. But I would imagine the ends would be trimmed, like you would expect your own hairdresser to do, to finish off.

After I did this, I thought it was time to cut my fringe again, as it has been making my eyes tired and achy the last few days. I am used to trimming my own fringe.

So this is what I look like today, after tidying up, although I am not able to show you my hair fully with it being tied partly up today. I have tied partly up, as my hair has been looking fine this past week, from wearing my winter hat.


I shall definitely do this again and so I will invest in some proper hair scissors, to do the job.


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