My other two colouring books

So here are my other two colouring books I said I would mention, since this post, “Adult colouring books.”

“Enchanted Forest” and “Secret Garden,” are both by Johanna Basford.


The pages are so detailed inside and these two are going to last me for some time. They are worth the money. As well as colouring, there are things to find, or do. I’m doing the colouring first and will go back to the puzzles after, except for the pages that involve adding more detail them, which those I will do as I go along.

This photo below, is a couple of pages out of the “Enchanted Forest” colouring book.


The photo below, is a couple of pages out of the “Secret Garden” colouring book.


I have mostly used felt tips when colouring these pages, but at times I have used pencil crayons. Although the paper is good quality, I would not recommend Sharpies felt tips, as these will bleed through to next page. Felt tips I have been using that are really good and do not bleed through are Staedtler and Stabilo.


4 thoughts on “My other two colouring books

    1. I love sharpie too, but I don’t think they’d be a book that would cope with them. I did notice once in a shop that there were a small pack of Sharpies that said on the packet they don’t bleed through paper, so whether they will expand on them some day, I don’t know. But not enough colours in those packs to colour with at the moment.

      They certainly look lovely coloured in.

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