Chit-chat March

I am still looking for that new home. I never heard back about the private flat, I talked about in February chit-chat post as I expected, so it was a loss to them for not contacting me back by my preferred accessible method. Who wants a landlord like that? So I carry on looking, which lead to another flat I viewed a few days into March. The flat was lovely, but the living room and kitchen were very small. The flat is ok if you are just starting off and have very basic stuff. But not for me.
I am hoping I may be lucky one day with a council property, but I am rather sceptic of my chances. I think it will take several years. (Probably longer than 6 years, with the way the system now works.)


I have wanted to decorate my front room for some time, but with my health and other things, it just got in the way. Mentally, I can’t be bothered decorating this room with things that have happened, or other things going on, so I am looking into having someone decorating this for me. (I have him booked.)  I want this decorated whether I am here for the short, or the long-term, as the room needs freshening up. More likely I will be here slightly longer than planned, just to make most of the decorated room and to get into my studying, when it’s done. I don’t an to look at any private properties for a a few months, or possibly longer, depending, but I will continue to bid for council properties.

Chia jam

I made some more chia jam. You will find the link to chia jam – the healthy alternative from this post. I made strawberry chia jam this time.


Three weeks into March, I had a couple of days off work, so one of the days I went to Sherwood Forest for part of the day. I met up with a friend later there and spent rest of the day with him. (I also went back to Sherwood Forest for another walk at the end of the week from Miley being put to sleep.)
The next day, I just had a relaxing day at home. I had no plans going anywhere as I had an Oxford trip the next day. An early night was planned because of an early start the next morning. I enjoyed my day meeting my friend, where we just chatted in a lovely cafe, as we had lots to catch up on. I go back in August, so the plan is we will have a bit of a walk around next time after eating, as the weather will be better then.
The next day, I had a relaxing day and later at night I watched a dvd called, “Silver Linings.”
I also met up with a couple of other friends later on in the month and I had a few more dvd days.


I have been in my new job for over two months now. Time has gone quick and I feel that settled in, it feels I have been there a little longer than I actually have. 🙂
It’s lovely to enjoy going to work, doing my job and knowing I come away doing a good job.
It is nice to feel appreciated in doing my job.
It is nice to be spoken to an appropriate way, as I would treat people.
It’s nice that I get on with everyone and not just my department.
It’s nice to have a laugh with my work colleagues, to get along and work as a team.
It’s nice that I still find since day one, at interview stage, that accessibility wise, it is made sure I can follow what is going on in a conversation. I feel very contented in my work place.

There were some that thought by moving to a new job, that it would not make a difference to me. But it has and I knew getting a new job would change me big time. My previous job affected me and it destroyed my confidence I had left. I may have had counselling on other things separate from work, but the old work place was soul-destroying. I have my confidence back, when it comes to work and I am happy there, but at times, I do have to shove that self-doubt out-of-the-way.
I also did some overtime and there is possibility of more hours later when it comes to covering.
I also had my first probationary meeting with my boss and he is very happy with me. I exceed their expectations, when it comes to their cleaning standards. There will be another one of these types of meetings to come later and if I continue to impress them, then I definitely have no worries losing my job. (I have no worries there, as I like to do a good job.) This meeting also gives me chance to raise things, if needed. I had no concerns to raise, but I had just a question and from my query, I found they were even more accessible than expected. We also had a chit-chat on a few other things too. So with this and everything else that is positive with my job, it has exceeded my expectations too working here. 🙂

It was too late to un-cancel

With changes happening all of a sudden with Miley and finding she would not be with me as long I thought, I tried to un-cancel my holiday. But it was too late. (I thought it would be.) I wasn’t going to re-book and pay a deposit again, that I’d lost before. But that’s ok, I’m not annoyed with them and I understand, but it was worth a chance to see if I could un-cancel it. I have made alternative arrangements elsewhere and I look forward to that. It was strange booking, as I had cat sitter in my head I needed to arrange, even though I know I don’t need to do this, with Miley no longer here.

(Miley, my cat had to be put to sleep for those that don’t know. I announced it here, in this post.)


4 thoughts on “Chit-chat March

  1. I know the heartache from losing Miley can’t be remedied, but it’s heartening to hear the positives with work, and you should be very proud for overcoming self-doubt and worries and getting along so well! Your boss obviously thinks highly of you too. I will keep my fingers crossed for the hunt for a new place and I think that when the time’s right you’ll find somewhere. Perhaps it’s just as well that this month hasn’t been successful with the hunt because of the job, Miley, spending time with friends, issues around decorating etc. I hope you have a restful, positive Easter weekend. xx
    Caz 🙂

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    1. Thank you Caz. I know one day, when I know where I will be living and when I know I am ok money-wise, I will always adopt an older cat. The cats will be older than Miley. I feel since having Miley, that my purpose is to adopt the cats that are overlooked. To give them that second chance of finding a home. The love may be only short sometimes, but they spent their remainder years in a home. A much loved home.

      I just continue to look at council housing, to keep me up the list, but shall stick it out and enjoy the fresh decor of paint in my front room and get back to study, while I enjoy my work/life balance. I am happy and I love work. I have not said that for a long time when it comes to saying I love work.

      This Easter will be restful mostly. Only plans I have are popping in at my vets and buy some cakes that will raise funds to a cat rescue charity they are sponsoring.
      I will have the day with a friend Saturday, which no doubt will be tears to start with, as it will be first time she has come to mine since Miley has gone. She absolutely loved her.
      Sunday will be a lazy day. I could be on my own, or mum could be with me, depending if she is coming or not.
      Monday will be catching up with my uncle who I have not seen for a while with me not being well that time and then with Miley.
      So the Easter will be restful and positive. Have a nice one yourself. xxx 🙂

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