2 years today, since blogging.

This year is flying by and I am losing track of days. But logging into my WordPress this evening and I see that it is 2 years today, since I have been blogging! Where has it gone? It certainly doesn’t feel it. 🙂

Happy Anniversary Blogging, to me.

Thank you, to you, for following.


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10 thoughts on “2 years today, since blogging.

  1. Good for you! Since your break at the end of 2017, you seem to be enjoying your life and your blog more. At least, that is what I feel I see in you. Congrats on your 2 year mark.

    1. Thank you.
      I am definitely enjoying life more this year. The new job made a big impact, which I knew it would. But the job has exceeded my expectations, just as I have exceeded their expectations when it comes to cleaning standards. I love my job and I have not been able to say that for a long time. Money will be difficult for a few months this year, but I am not worried. It should be just a few months only, till I know where I stand.
      As for blogging, I know my blogging can vary, but it has been more since doing the The Blurt Foundation, but before that, I have not really observed. This part, I imagine the reader will observe more than me. Thank you for reading and enjoying my blog. Also for yoour comments. 🙂

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