Taking a short break till the weekend

Although it will not look like to you that I am taking a break, because my scheduled posts will still go ahead each day this week, behind the scenes I will be. I will publish and acknowledge your comments when I come back to check Saturday, or Sunday evening. Behind the scenes, for the last few months, I have been a bit muddled, (or dizzy as I sometimes call it.) The worst situation I put myself in this week, when I cooked my toaster. I won’t explain the situation how that come about, but I have a few friends, (including blog friends) who know how I have been and the situation with the toaster. Due to what I have going on a little in parts tomorrow and the plans at the weekend, I feel I must have time out from social media, until when I come back on one of the above mentioned days. I will see you then. x


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3 thoughts on “Taking a short break till the weekend

    1. Thank you. It will be explained in April, in a chit chat post why for this quick break. I have managed to pop in today for a few minutes and a couple o days ago for the odd seconds. But the break was needed. xx

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