I was given false hopes

I believe when it came to applying for PIP, I was given false hopes by my Welfare Rights officer. She knew everything about me, because she had to know everything about me for the PIP form.

I got 2 points originally for my PIP application, because I wore hearing aids. I have never actually seen the points system used to for assessing PIP, but I came across it recently when looking at something not related to this. I looked elsewhere, to make sure I was looking at the right thing and I was. This is it, after looking elsewhere, making sure it was right: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/Global/Migrated_Documents/adviceguide/pip-9-table-of-activities-descriptors-and-points.pdf

From me coming across this, I see I should have been at least awarded another two points, which would have brought my points awarded 4. But that is where it ends for me.
If I wasn’t given false hopes, then my Welfare Rights Officer who helped me with PIP, does not know me well. Which really, she did know me, because I had to tell her everything about my deafness, depression and anxiety at that time. She helped me get DLA I had before, which was just my deafness then and she believed she could get me PIP. She kept telling me I was entitled to this and encouraged me to fight the decision when I did not get it. But as you know, I did not fight this because applying was draining enough, but on top after, I had lost two lovely people in my life and the shock of their deaths affected me greatly.

I am so glad I did not waste my time to reapply. You need at least 8 points to get something and I am no way entitled to any more than 4 points and it no way worth fighting for the two points extra I did not get when you need at least 8.

Just because I got DLA last time, does not mean I am entitled to PIP this time. PIP is totally different and it is certainly not aimed at deafness alone. You need other disabilities as well. If I hear someone else tell me I am entitled, I will fucking scream at them and show them the points system.

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  1. They make it very difficult to get it…the points system is very complicated. I looked at the descriptors and I hadn’t been given the points I was entitled to based on the info I provided. I received 7 points first time but I should have enough for enhanced daily living and standard mobility. We shall see what the response to the mandatory reconsideration is. It is annoying that they said you were entitled when your points weren’t enough. I’m sorry hun xx

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    1. This was my Welfare Rights officer who supported me in filling the form, from the deaf society, not DWP. This was same person from a deaf society that helped me get the DLA. If it wasn’t a false hope, then she did not have a clue, which for her role, she had to have the clue. She kept saying I am entitled to this, even to appeal and that I am entitled to it. PIP is different to DLA and for me to now see the point system, I know the most I should have got was 4, I am certainly not entitled to PIP as she kept saying prior to helping me and when I did not get it. I am not entitled to it as a deaf person alone and my depression and anxiety may affect me, but not to the extent that I should have points. So she is clueless, or just gave me false hope.

      As for you, I hope things go well, because you are entitled to it, just as my friend was when he nearly lost his car due to pints given. He appealed, but it was changed before it got to that stage and now he gets to keep his car. Cases like you and him, I still think it is all done deliberate.


  2. If I am ever in a position where I am more disabled, yes I would apply. But how my condition stands at the moment, no I am not.

    I still say PIP replaced DLA to cut back on benefits. Just like many others.I got DLA, but now I can’t have anything for my deafness. But as you know, I feel fucking free of it all. x


  3. Proud of you Liz! Elated for your choice.
    Your experience is confirmation that we should stop looking ‘outside of ourselves’ for answers. Everything IS inside each of us. We are now living in ‘times’ when we really need to turn ‘inward’. Not outward.
    And as you have experienced…. the ‘System’ really does not care about you. Good chance that the gal who prompted you to ‘apply’, got some kind of a kick back, when you were denied. And if you were to fight it, they would probably get another bonus. It is just a sad and pathetic game, that is falling apart as we speak. Crumbling away.

    Here in America, I applied 3 times for health insurance. Was denied all 3 times, because they did not get my paperwork. However, the paperwork was mailed in time. If I were granted insurance, then that insurance would have to pay my Medicare insurance premiums. So, it is easier for them to lie and deny me. And like you, I am not going to play their game! Ha!

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    1. Thank you. I so wish I had that information beforehand about the points system. I would not have gone further, because with that points system as it is and my disabilities, I am not entitled. It has cause unnecessary stress. But yes, next time I hear anyone else say I am entitled, I shall throw the paper at em and walk off. I would have to walk off, otherwise they would get a swear word. 🙂

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      1. And we should consider that ‘they’ are doing what they are told to do…..and just ‘trying to make a living’.
        If ever encountered such a thing again, you could kindly suggest they find a job that is integrity based, where they would truly help others – just before you throw the papers and walk off. 😀

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