I don’t want red in my home

So since this first post back in January; “First chit-chat of 2018” when I revealed on how I found out about an ex and then further airing off about him in this post; “You don’t always know,” it has been quiet on the topic. Both the two posts came with trigger warnings, but this one won’t need one, as I won’t be talking about the triggering topics, so you will have to read them there, in the above two posts if you don’t know what this is all about.
Some of my blogging friends will know that although I have been quiet here on the matter, they will know I am still affected since finding out this awful news, because of leaving comments elsewhere on similar topics, venting away, because I understand and it being a touchy, triggering subject close to my heart.
As regular readers and close friends will know, I plan to stay single. I don’t want another relationship. I did not want another relationship after I left the last one, but since finding out what he is and the time wasted in that relationship, it is single all the way for me now. (A very determined one.)
Mum has hoped I would always settle with a particular friend, but when I finally came to an uproar with her because I was so pent-up of hearing the same repeated topic and because I felt that pushed and, my personal views not respected by mum, mum finally realised that friendship was all it was a going to be and a good friendship at that.

The effects now since discovering about the ex, is that I cannot stand red in my home. I found this out when I was going to view a flat one time. The photos shown a red wall in the kitchen. I could not stand looking at it and I knew that this would be the first thing I was going to change. I associate red with him. Especially red walls, as this was what he wanted to do in his kitchen where he once lived. Luckily this flat did not have any red, as it had been decorated all neutral, since those photos were taken. (The flat was not suitable in the end, as I blogged about.)
Thankfully, I have no red walls, but I do have a red microwave and kettle. I want to get rid of these and although I cringe as I use them, thankfully it is not the full effects as a red wall would be. Mum wants to get rid of her microwave I learnt recently, as she hardly uses it. I said I would have it, so I will go and check it out in the next couple of days, as mum said it wasn’t working properly. But I shall see how it is, as it shouldn’t be.

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  1. Red is a very loud color. I thought I wanted red in my new home after my divorce, because I had always had it. I used to be loud, and enjoyed that color, but now I’m softer, and don’t gravitate toward it anymore. Pink and silver are my faves now.

    I don’t believe time is wasted in a relationship. I always learn something, and it makes for a better. stronger me for the next chapter of life. You are such a beautiful soul, I hope that your feelings about staying single mellow over time. Someone out there deserves everything you have to offer, which is a whole lot of goodness. xx

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    1. Yes, red is a loud colour. The only other last red item I had was a fleece blanket that Miley claimed with, but I allowed the vets to take her in it. It was her comfort blanket.

      Staying single will always be my plan and it something that will not change in me. xx

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      1. I can relate. My dog had a little pillow bed that he loved. I handed our vet him lying in it when he passed last week. Every living thing needs comfort.

        I hear you. I used to say the same thing, but then I realized I have too much love in me not to share it with someone one day. I don’t know when that day will come, but God does. xx

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      2. Aww, sorry to hear about your dogs passing.

        Anything fleecy, was comfort to Miley. 🙂 She twisted me around her paw. I was a very big softie with her. But she was like having a kid around the place and so she was worth it.

        I can give love to friends and future pets. That’s where my love lies. But not in a relationship. I have always been very independent and since him, I have no plans sharing my home. But I certainly can welcome friends in.
        May your plans come one day soon, that you wish. xx

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  2. Oh Liz and everyone else, please, do not remove all red from your life. Red is a very valuable color which helps to bring balance in your life. Red is the color of your Root Chakra. It is your ‘foundation’, your ‘root’ which helps you to stand firm and solid in life. It helps you to be ”grounded”. When you deprive yourself or OVER give yourself too much of any one ‘chakra’ color, you are causing imbalance in your world. (this has been my experience, my belief which I share with you. Explore chakra’s further, if it interest you)
    There is a wonderful (short) video in this ‘chakra’ post of mine, if you have an interest. 😀

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    1. No more red for me. (I wasn’t much of a red to begin with, but I did like my red microwave and kettle, but since finding out about the ex, I cannot wait to get rid.
      I like my blues, greens, creams and browns for my colour scheme in the living room. But the kitchen was going to be a little different by using accessories, but I do not see it in the same light. Only time I will use red is when I colour. x

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