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Out with the red

Since this post; “I don’t want red in my home,” my red microwave and microwave have gone. (Well they have nearly gone. They should be going to a new home soon.) I have a new silver, stainless steel kettle that I bought from Argos and the white microwave off my mum, that she was going to get rid of and it works alright as I expected. I don’t like to buy something when it is not broken, but I had to get rid, as you know.

Home decor to reflect/celebrate the season

Do you change decor in your home to reflect, or celebrate the season? If so, what do you do.

I obviously have to be careful because of my hay fever, but I plan to have two greenery leaf type plants in my home. (One I’d like to be a spider plant.) Anything floral will have to be fake, to add colour, with the occasional bouquet of flowers, as I know flowers can affect me more.
I have not had plants in my home before, because there are plants that are harmful to cats and so it was easier to avoid plants altogether, than make a mistake and have a plant that was harmful. But now I have no cats and it would be some time before I possibly do again, I have no worry on this.
I have also read on ideas in using buntings, pictures and paper chains to reflect the seasons.

Do you do anything like that?

It has been even suggested from a book I have read and reviewed here recently, that either have a winter wonderland theme using white throws, hang up snowflakes and bring down the old cuddly polar bears from the attic. Then invite your friends over and enjoy winter at any time of the year.
Otherwise, instead, have a beach theme going on in the home, minus the sand of course, by using towels, deck chairs, inflatable flamingos and music.

The buntings seem a good idea to me, for something different in the home, having different ones to reflect the seasons with other ideas.

If you do anything to reflect the seasons, please do share.

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  1. I usually put up a Christmas tree but otherwise the decor is pretty consistent through the year. I have to replace plants regularly because I’m terrible at keeping them alive.

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