Day 23 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Bravery

Over the years, when people have got to really know me, you are brave is one thing I have heard many times. This is one thing I am not and cannot relate to.
But what I can relate to and it was used by my counsellor on a couple of occasions is, I am a survivor. Before the counsellor said this, I said I am a fighter, but I like the word survivor, the best. So when you really know my background, which is reading this blog from the beginning and onwards in my journey, you will know why bravery is not in my vocabulary, but survivor is.

As for where I can relate to the word bravery used, is if I was to do something really out of my comfort zone, like going on the London Eye.
Firefighters and the army fall in this too, as a couple of examples, but I’m sure they would say something different.

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