Day 27 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Dream

It’s nice to have dreams. We know they may never come true, but I is nice to dream them, isn’t it?

So… What is my dream?

My dream would be, if I was very lucky to win the lottery, or be in a position without winning, to buy a bungalow. A two bed would do. My mum could come and live with me, if she wanted. Owning a bungalow feels like a big dream that might not happen. But it is nice to hope and dream all the same.

On a realistic level, my dream is to one day be in a council property. Although I am looking at ground floor as well as first floor, if I got a ground, then brilliant. But getting a council property in my chosen area, would be really nice.

What is your dream?

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6 thoughts on “Day 27 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Dream

  1. I love this 💖. I hope your dream comes true one day! I’d love to live by the sea maybe in Cornwall or Devon, it’s so pretty and peaceful 😍 xx

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  2. This is a good dream to have, and quite possible, so don’t give up the hope.
    My dream is to have a golden retriever (who I’ve already named Finn) and good health. I don’t think either will ever happen!! xx

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    1. It would be nice if my dream came true. I don’t plan to drive anymore, but owning my own home would be lovely and better than owning a car.
      I love your dream and you could have this golden retriever. Good health to you as well. xx

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