Changes are coming to my personal Facebook page – Please read if you follow there.

I hope you liked my month of #blurtselfcareathon. I have got to say, I did bloody well with that, on top of a few extra posts. ūüėÄ

I am going to be quiet for a month or just over, due to creating a poll on my personal Facebook wall.

I normally would feel mentally exhausted after a stint like that, but I feel good. However, I am taking a blogging break for a month, or could be just slightly over. This is because changes are coming to my personal Facebook page.
I will be creating a poll and sharing it there, for my friends and family to participate in and blogging will be quiet during the time this poll is open, to prevent this poll dropping down on my wall and out of view.
Once the poll is closed, then I will start to blog again.

I don’t advertise my Facebook here, because it is a personal one. But I have let in a few blogging friends over the years. People say I am hard to find on Facebook. Well… this is because I am not on Facebook to find friends originally and I intentionally made it hard for people to find me.
I certainly don’t intend to add anymore on Facebook, as I like to keep it small. I have 22 friends there, where it’s a mixture of close friends and¬† acquaintances.

The way I use my personal Facebook wall has changed and is going to change again.

Ever since I came back to Facebook some years ago, I have always been wary how often I go on, as many years ago, I was always constantly on it and it did not do me any good, as I hardly went out. But since being back on Facebook, it was better this time, because of  how I balanced things, than the other time.
This year, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have noticed that I am personally interacting less on my wall. Personally, since noticing this change and how I feel for the better for it, I don’t plan to post anything myself now. Instead, it will just come directly from my blog, as it automatically airs, once published and this is how I will use my Facebook wall from now on. Just to share my blog.
My interaction is now and again on other people’s walls, as well as my own currently, as this goes to air and when changes have been made later, I will appear even less again – about once, or twice a month.
I don’t plan to delete my Facebook account as of yet, but who can say what might happen down the line.

If I close my Facebook account.

I am aware I have friends who follow my blog posts on Facebook and, I know who read them because they interact with them and it is easier for them there. But I could have others that read my blog here, without even knowing, because they are silent. But with me planning on even being on it less; average once a month, (to twice a month maybe sometimes), I may close it, if I feel it is not worth keeping it open. If you like reading my blog posts there, then please, even if it is just a click on the like button, to show you have read it, or better, at times leave a comment, it will be much appreciated.
My heart does not belong to Facebook and it never has since being back. I am only keeping it open because I know there are some friends who read my blog posts there. But this could change and if it happens somewhere down the line I will announce it, before closing.

Alternative easy ways to follow my blog

There are alternative options to follow this blog that are just as easy, like for example, if you sign you sign up by email, they will come straight to your email inbox and you can read all the content there. You would only need to pop over to the blog if something interested you that much you wanted to follow the comments, or leave your own.
The other option, which is what I do with all WordPress blogs, that if you have a WordPress dashboard, (which you will if you blog,) you can follow blogs via your dashboard too.
Or, just save the blog link on your computer and when you feel like reading, just click and pop on over, bearing in mind, you may be skimming though lots of new content, until you find what you want, depending on how long you have been away.

A poll is coming on my Facebook wall.

So to help me with my changes, I will be creating a poll for my friends there on Facebook, which I hope all my 22 friends will answer. This poll will be open for a month, from when it airs, so please do take part when you see it. You will only be able to select one answer from the poll, this way, I know how many have responded to it. Keep a look out for this poll to become visible soon on my Facebook wall and for further details about it there, as it may influence what I choose to do currently.

While I am quiet here…

While I go quiet for the month on my blog, or just over, do take the time to play catch-up on my blog if needed, or just to browse in general and I will see you all when back to normal blogging.

Take care and bye for now.


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