Blog post share: “Reclaiming my time,” by Black Burgundy.

During my blogging break, I came across this post, “Reclaiming my time,” by Black Burgundy. I can relate to this post, due to when I was totally on social media one time many years ago, when I was in my 20’s and this is why I share this post. This is also why I was always wary about Facebook when I came back again, some years ago, but a lot had changed since then and I wasn’t like that now, as I was then.
I came back to Facebook, because of a nail course I was doing at the time, that encouraged us to go there. If it wasn’t for that, I would not have been back and this is why again, I can relate to the blog post I am sharing.
Although Black Burgundy’s post refers to more than just Facebook, I am only talking about Facebook because that was all I used one time, besides when I blog here. I don’t feel the pressure to post on my blog, compared to the different pressures with Facebook and because I have changed so much and I don’t rely on Facebook, I can easily hate Facebook.

When I was away from Facebook even more less, (if it couldn’t get any lesser, it did,) I felt the calmness again.
I was thinking of originally going on it just once a month and then reviewing how I felt about it 3 or 4 months down the line, ignoring my gut instinct to closing it down. But in the end, I wasn’t going to ignore my gut instinct and with the annoying chain/spam messages I received again, I called it a day and closed down my Facebook account.

3 thoughts on “Blog post share: “Reclaiming my time,” by Black Burgundy.

  1. Wayhey – that’s a good step towards being calmer and less weighed down by social media! I tend to do a once-a-month post on my personal page so people know I’m still alive, but knowing nobody really cares is quite a negative feeling. Still, I use it for messaging and I do like seeing other groups, blog pages, etc so I just close myself off from the rest of the drivel, the pressures of social media etc and focus on the supportive, interesting side (and the cute animal pictures and videos that I see shared!) 🙂

    1. Yes, when you feel no one cares, it’s not a nice feeling and something I have felt at times when it came to sharing my blog posts there. So as well as me feeling calmer, I have got rid of the negativity feeling as well. X

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