I thank you to those, who read my blog.

I have said this many times, but I shall say it again and that is thank you for reading this blog. Yes, thank you, to you, who is reading this now.

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I know who reads my blog because of the comments you leave here, or the likes. Thank you to you.

I also know that I have two particular personal friends who read this blog. They may not always comment here, but I know they read it, because one friend will chat about the latest post in an email quite often and a new conversation is made. This can sometimes extend to not just about me, but what she is doing at the time to thinking about me, after reading a particular post. I like how our conversations go from just me, to us.
My other friend, when I see him, he will chat about it if it’s a topic of interest, or he will email. They both make it known and it lovely to have these chats, because with each friend it is different chat.

I had a mixture of 22 friends originally on Facebook, who were a mixture of close friends and acquaintances. (More acquaintances than close friends.) Some who became friends on my Facebook were already friends here on my blog. I added them on my close friends list and I imagine because they knew me that little bit more there, I hope for them it felt a bit more personal, because being on my close friends list, you were knowing some of my personal stuff. Things I shared there, I did not always share on here with the world, but instead with a limited few, because I trusted them. (I still do trust.) I gather from our personal chats there, that you did feel closer to me. 🙂

It’s not been a month from closing my Facebook page and I don’t miss it and I don’t seemed to be missed, by some.
As I once revealed in a comment on this blog post; “Blog post share: “Reclaiming my time,” by Black Burgundy,” I too, felt while I was on Facebook that my blog posts when shared them there, that they did not matter by some who were supposed to be enjoying my blog posts there. A like at least would have been nice from certain friends on my list, yet here I was, dedicated to not missing their posts and liking without fail. That’s until naturally I got even less being on Facebook and when I was on it, I thought I won’t be there dedicating on certain pages, because I can’t be arsed being here on Facebook in general. I was logging in for nothing and I was starting to feel resentful in being persuaded to stay, when I announced I may close my Facebook wall.
The poll I created, where only 11 out of 22 answered a single question, which to me confirmed, why the hell am I making myself be on there, to just share my blog posts? The poll proved, on top of my own feelings why I did not want to be there no more, with many reasons not to stay.

Those who said they loved my blog, did they follow by email when my Facebook account closed?
As someone said to me, those who want to follow, will, should I choose to leave Facebook.  Those who follow my blog, are the ones who were already following my blog before I shared these posts on Facebook and following me there. I thank you, that even after leaving Facebook that you continue to follow me here.

When I am sharing things on my blog, I am sharing some of my life with you. Yes, it started out as a bit of a therapy to get it out, which now helps others, which also I thank you for telling me this. But also, I share a little of the other stuff, which when I don’t see someone for a while, in what ever way we meet up, or communicate by, then I am sharing a little of what is happening of my life, until the stuff I would not share on a public blog is shared in a more private way, whether email, or meeting up, to catch up. So you miss a bit of me, that you may have liked to have known, had you read it, like how my studying is going, work, hobbies, or just life. I cannot chat about my life over what might be weeks, or a few months worth in so many hours. If I am to meet up with someone, I want to talk about what you are doing too and not just about me.

I thank you, whether you have been following one week, or since the beginning of my blog, for showing interest.
I thank you for sharing your life and experiences in these blog posts.
I thank you for supporting me and giving me the chance to support you back in some way, via my posts.
For those who have gone out of their way to leave a comment on my blog, I am really appreciative these comments and for the support at some of my difficult times.
By you commenting and sharing your experiences or views on my blog, it is not just me you are having a conversation with, but also many others who visit and comment. This makes it feel like a community and I know I am not the only WordPress blogger who has said what lovely community WordPress is. By chatting on each others blogs, we are a community.

Thank you. x


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24 thoughts on “I thank you to those, who read my blog.

  1. I love WordPress and I love reading your posts … I’ve stopped worrying too much about Facebook which is a relief because I definitely went through an obsessive stage with it. Keep writing, we love it. Katie x

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Katie. I certainly will carry on writing. To be honest, I did not think I would ever be writing this long. I never thought how my blog would grow in the long term. x

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  2. Facebook is not what it used to be. It was designed for connection, and then they discovered they could choke the reach, and have us pay money for what used to be free. That is when I lost interest, and disconnected my Blog from it. Every now and then, I will manually post one, but my friends don’t see it because of the control Facebook has on reach.

    WordPress is a beautiful community, and my Blog sits here. It’s not advertised on Social Media very often anymore, and that works for me. Much love to you my friend. xxx

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    1. Yes, over the years Facebook has changed. I certainly would not have been back for a second time, had it been for my nail course. I won’t be back for a third.
      I am more calmer by not being there and prior to leaving, when I was thinking of staying for others, I hated the resentful feeling I had to be there. I don’t want to feel that again.

      Love and hugs to you too, friend. X 🙂

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  3. I understand the issues with faithfully trying to read and ‘like’ a friend’s blog or website or FB page etc, and feeling as though they just couldn’t care less about anything I did, and with that can come resentment because you thought they were friends, that you were closer than that. With FB now I tend to just automatically share my blog posts, maybe post the odd individual post, and then just use it for personal messages to a handful of people, that’s about it. I think you made the right choice for you with FB and should be proud for taking the leap and continuing your blogging here only; you’ve achieved a lot here and I’m grateful to have ‘met’ you Liz, and will look forward to continuing to do so! 🙂

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  4. Thank you Liz for the thank you’s.
    It has been a sheer pleasure to watch you grow and blossom into the fine person you are.
    And the example you are setting…the path you are laying, for others to always be able to discover and learn from/be inspired by….Liz, you should be so very proud of you!!!!

    I now see you putting yourself/your needs/wants/desires first! You are discovering that YOU are the most important person in your YOUniverse.

    It has been my personal experience, that as long as you continue loving YOU and knowing that you are a wonderful being who deserves the BEST of the BEST, your world will continue to expand greatly.
    Super congrats! I am so happy for you, Liz!

    Thank you……

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    1. Thank you once again for your lovely words and you are so right with what you have to say.
      I am certainly learning to put my wants and needs first and to not feel guilty by doing this.
      I am learning and knowing my balances I need in life, like for example, I want to move to another area, nearer to my workplace. As you know, at first I thought this was not far away enough for me to feel a fresh start, but practicality wise, it made sense. I have learnt by visiting the area more, that I know when the time comes to live there one day, it will be better for me than I first thought and that it will feel a fresh start. Until then, I have learnt to cope where I currently live, by hanging in the area I plan to live a few times a week, as well as see other areas I have not seen before.

      No doubt in the next year, or two I will learn more about me and grow. ☺️

      I have been writing out another post today, that I felt I had to write. I hope to air this later today, or otherwise it will be tomorrow. I need to add some photos.

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  5. Liz, when ever i shared a link with you in my reply, it was from my heart and not because i was being sneaky. Thank you for making your blog rules known in your prior post. Forgive me for crossing the line, I was not aware.

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    1. Although there are rules not to share blog links in the posts, unless the blog post allowed it, I did not feel yours had broken the rule, as you made an appropriate comment to my blog post and then you included the link for further reading on it. This was why I have mostly never edited your post, because this I don’t mind. As long as it fits to the post topic, I tend to ignore my blog rule.
      But examples of how your blog link will not work and be accepted, two worded sentence and blog link at the end, that links a blog. (As I have mentioned, a link can just be added in comment form.)
      As I know you well as a blog reader who has only left genuine comments with an appropriate blog link now again, I certainly don’t mind. Especially when it’s to do with the post. I know you are legit.

      Mainly it has been businesses trying this on, with the odd blogger that has left a two worded comment, rather than chat more, with a link inside the comment, that has nothing to do with topic. So they never get aired. ☺️

      I hope this clears it up a little. X

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      1. I hope you have not had the spammers that I have had. They have been a pain to block, because it was that bad. I just don’t understand why they waste their time doing it. It only pumps up my visitor ratings, while their one word, or two word comments get no where.

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      2. I have not had such problems, I was not aware. That should reduce, as you continue to ‘grow/expand’ into the beautiful person you are. 🙂

        Has been my experience that, what we talk/think/feel about, we bring about. Especially when we hold a strong emotion/feeling/sensation for it.

        So if you ‘hate’ spammers, the YOUniverse only hears/feels ‘spammers’ and gives you more spammers.

        As opposed to being grateful for the free flowing, interactive community-blog site you have built from love and compassion. (regardless of what it may appear to be) Then that is what the YOUniverse will give you more of.

        What we talk/think/feel about, we bring about.
        Just my experience and thanks for letting me share.
        PS-Spammers are spammers, cuz they are of low vibing frequency. (The fool does not know, he is a fool)

        You and I would not even consider ‘spamming’, cuz we are vibing higher and can see things from a higher perspective.

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  6. For anyone interested in my blog rules, you will always find them on my ‘Policies/Disclaimer’ page. This page has appeared here since my blog started. You will find my page at the top of my blog. Many thanks. X


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