Getting glowful again

I used to own the Sonic boom analogue clock and I absolutely loved it, because I could switch off the back-lit display and not see it clock in the dark. But now, it’s getting glowful again. My analogue clock failed to wake me up. The clock ticks, but after a couple of goes, it’s clear the clock will not go off at my chosen alarm. From giving it a go, it is clear it’s the alarm part button, or the part I turn to set my chosen time I want to get up at, as it is hit and miss when I play with it trying to get it to go off. The clock just won’t go off, so in the bin it had to go.
It’s a good job I still had my previous clock, as I need to get up early on Saturday. But it means now my nights will be glowful again, as you can tell in the photo. The clock, you can’t dim anymore than it looks already and with me having my Silent alert, (green glow in the background,) which has to be here, because while it is on the charger the vibrating pad is under my mattress, that will wake me up in event of a fire it’s now makes my dark nights, lighter. Which I hate. I doubt I will get this analogue clock one again, because I don’t want the same risk happening again. This clock has not been good long term, compared to previous couple of models that were still ok and I had passed on, when I wanted a change of clock.
When it was just my Silent alert glowing, while using my analougue clock, I got used to the dim of just that one, but the clock, it glows. But I am going to have to stick with this, because I am not buying another now for some time, or when this one is ready for the knackers yard.


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  1. Hi Liz, That word glowful is a new one to me. I too find light bothersome to my sleep sometimes (although I have been known to fall asleep with all lights on if I’m tired enough). One solution that works for me is to wear an eye mask. My alarm clock wakes me up by sound, rather than a flashing light, so I’m not sure if that would work for you or not.

    Today at work I was asked, well actually told that I was doing a Facebook Live video one minute in advance. I know you’re not on Facebook personally, but I think you can see it here – for a laugh if you want to:

    Much love, Sarah P.S. I was hoping you were referring to me in your post☺️

    On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 6:08 PM My Wellbeing and Learning Journey wrote:

    > Liz posted: “I used to own the Sonic boom analogue clock and I absolutely > loved it, because I could switch off the back-lit display and not see it > clock in the dark. But now, it’s getting glowful again. My analogue clock > failed to wake me up. The clock ticks, but afte” >

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    1. Hi Sarah.
      I wake up with the vibrating pad on my clock to wake me up, but I do rely on my clock’s flash with it sometimes.
      Last night, I turned the clock face away from me though and I found I switched it to the wrong setting for me this morning. It would have just sounded had the volume been up, but I don’t use sound and I turn this off due to in the past accidently having it on and because of needing it loud, I don’t want to disturb neighbours very early in a morning with it. If it had been facing me, the flash would have woke me up, so I was up 15 minutes later than planned today.

      I do have an eye mask and one time before I had the analogue clock and I was using the one I am now, I would wear the eye mask quite regular. But I find I can’t always fully get on with it. I can’t win, can I?

      I must say, to say it’s early days back to my old clock, I have been sleeping ok and the light of my clock etc has not disturbed me.

      As I revealed in our email chats that you was one friend I was on about, regarding our chats away from the blog. I would have never thought of this idea myself. I love the chats, thank you. X


  2. If I may add….. I have discovered in ‘research’ that it is best to omit the light. To simply wear an eye mask will only fool your eyes. Your skin (largest organ of your body) will still detect the light and THAT is what disturbs our sleep. The light messes up our ‘night time chemistry’, whether we can ‘see’ it or not.

    Can you place your clock face-down so it is not casting out the light?
    Or reverse the clock so it is facing away from you?
    Or set it into an empty waste can…
    or place tissue in front of the light to ‘mask it’?

    My son helped me to understand the importance of no light at night for a better and fulfilling sleep/rest. Some ‘colored’ lights are ok to use at night and some are disturbing to us.
    Thank you for letting me share….

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    1. I know omitting light is good for health and good ideas, but I unfortunately cannot turn them away, cover them, or move them away. I rely on visual, but mainly my vibrating pads for both these, to wake me.
      I did turn the clock away, but because I accidentally put it on the wrong setting, which meant it did not vibrate, meant I woke up when I naturally did. When I turned the clock around, it was flashing, so I could see the alarm was going. I had woken up 20 minutes later than originally planned. Luckily I was ok that day, but had I had to go somewhere earlier, I would have been late.

      The green light you see in the background, that’s my fire alert. This shows it’s charging. Another vibrating pad is connected to this, which I have under my pillow. If a fire was to start, it would flash brightly and the pad would vibrate.
      This is the downside to being deaf, while having things to alert me. Something I have to learn to live with.
      Surprisingly, it’s not affected my sleep this time round.

      There is an upgraded version of the clock I have, as my friend has it. You can dim it right down. More dimmer than mine. Or, turn it off. Right now, money wise, it’s not something I want to be getting yet, so I will carry on using this one.

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      1. You could also ‘play’ with your innate internal alarm clock. Set your internal clock for when you want to waken and do not use an alarm clock. Tell yourself as you fall asleep, when to wake up. And ‘trust’ in your ability to do it. Obviously, practice this during times it is ok to sleep in. Like any muscle, it takes practice to strengthen it. Like how you learned to listen to your gut.
        You may surprise yourself….. and this is only a suggestion of what has worked for me. I no longer own an alarm clock….:D

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      2. My time does vary when I get up, but I know one time when I was getting up at a regular time each day, it is possible. But now, this nor something I dare to do. X


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