My blood pressure

Since this post, “I feel I am losing a battle,” I have continued to monitor my blood pressure, as well as another nurse appointment that I had this morning, for them to monitor it.

Some of my blood pressure readings I have noted, which I took with me to the appointment today.

Like before, my reading taken by the nurse, was higher than my own readings. The nurse took a second reading and while one number dropped down, the other number went up, so the nurse thinks that I am having ‘white coat hypertension.’ This is when your blood pressure is consistently 140/90mmHg or above, when taken in a medical setting only.
The nurse was going to book me in for another blood pressure check, but I’d said I would book with the doctor, to see what he thought. (A particular doctor that forwarded me to the nurse.) The nurse recommended I take on my readings too, which I would have done, as I have done this before, as usually he will add them on my notes.

My appointment for my doctor is not till 18th July, so a bit of a weight, but I shall take my blood pressure every 2 days until then.

To read more about ‘White coat hypertension,’ you will find it here, over at Blood Pressure UK.