Frugal living – part 1

So since this post, ‘Frugal living,’ how have I been getting on? As well as what I do already I mentioned in first above post, I have also:
Bought no food bags since running out, which I was practically nil when I written the above post originally and just use my Tupperware containers for my packed lunches.

My socks that have been wearing out, have really been wearing out to the extent that it wasn’t worth me sewing them I felt.

I still use the baking soda and vinegar for cleaning my oven, but for nothing else, like the bathroom for example, which I still like to use my usual cleaner for that. I know from how well my oven looks, that cleaning the bathroom would look good to with this method, but I am happy and find I a convenience to use my usual method for those.

I continue to save glass jars that will be a replacement for my plastic Tupperware containers when they wear out.

I have reused a few empty toilet cardboard rolls for storing my electrical leads, usb leads etc.. in.
In the past, I have created toys for my pet cats I have owned and I have filled them with compost and grown plants from seeds in them, transferring them directly in the garden when ready, as they compost down.
For further ideas what you can do with the empty cardboard rolls, take a look here in, ‘Natural Living Ideas,’ which will take you directly to their post for further inspiration.

I have washed out a couple of empty Soya milk cartons and filled them to about three-quarters full of water, to fill empty spaces in my freezer. As you know, keeping our freezer filled up helps us to save energy, so me doing this, than buying food to fill the space was saving even more money for me.

As you know from a past post, I recycled an empty sesame oil bottle to stand my fake flowers in.

recycling a bottle

I reused some empty yogurt pots, a margarine tub and an empty powdered milk container as temporary pots to grow my Forget-me-nots in.

I have one liquid soap bottle left for my kitchen, but I plan to use bar soap as I do already in the bathroom, as it lasts longer and so it will save me money. When this last liquid soap container is empty, I will save the container, in case I get shower gel for Christmas. (I don’t have a shower, only a bath where I currently live.) If I do, the shower gel will be emptied into this empty hand soap container and I will use it as handwash, as I have done before in the past.

I may share more in further posts, if I do anything more different, hence I have put part 1 in the post title, in case this topic grows.

Microfibre cloths

I already use microfibre cloths when I damp dust, or other cleaning in my home, but I now have bought more, some months ago, as dish cloths. (Particular colours and designs, so I recognise it is just for this job.) So when the others have gone, that only last so long before you can throw them away, these will go in the place and then when they look grubby, they can be washed and re-used, saving money.

Changing the way I shop

Due to a tighter budget, (a little more of this will appear in Chit chat – June post,) I have to change the way I shop.
Every couple of months, or three, I used to do an online shop for the month and have it delivered to my door and in between this, just get the odd extras where needed, like milk, fruit etc… Having it delivered was especially handy when it came to cat litter and cat food. But now as I have no cat and because my monthly budget has to be less than before, it means it is not viable for me to shop online because of the minimum spend you have to make to have your shopping delivered. So I am back to walking into stores 100% and carrying my own shopping.
I am personally looking forward to my monthly budget challenge when it comes to my groceries and going out. One part of me says I won’t be able to do it, but the other is saying, I am going to enjoy the challenge. 🙂

And not forgetting…

I still continue to trim my own hair, after coming across this clip to show you how. This post will tell you more, if you have not seen it already: “How to trim your own long hair at home.”

Share your ideas

Share your ideas of what you do, as part of frugal living, in the comments of this post. It doesn’t matter how big, or small you do it, because every little bit helps your own finances, as well as the environment.


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20 thoughts on “Frugal living – part 1

    1. Thank you. It’s certainly not easy as you say, but the determination can pay off. It’s fun too.
      I’m looking forward to the challenges with regards to my budget too.

  1. Toilet cardboard rolls are so handy. During the years I had a pet parrot, I would punch holes in the rolls and string pony beads and wood pieces through them for him to chew on and play with.

    1. What a good idea.

      As well as saving them for creating toys for cats, when I used to own a hamster, I used to save them for her too. 🙂

  2. Great sharing, Liz.
    Wonderful and beneficial info here.

    I also use baking soda and vinegar for my main cleaning, as I have become hypersensitive to most all chemicals (toxins) on the market. We use the large bag of soda intended for cleaning. It states that it makes swimming pools sparkling clean. So I started using soda only, to clean the toilet. Works great for me and is a wonderful deodorizer.

    If you use, or know someone who uses ‘dryer sheets’, start saving the ‘used’ sheets. There is a chemical in them, which cuts soap scum and shines chrome. I advise using gloves when working with these sheets, for they hold powerful chemicals that will eat at your hands and make sure you have adequate ventilation. (I do not do this anymore since I moved, but it worked perfectly when I did use them)
    There is only one reason for soap scum build up. Bar Soap.
    Liquid soap does not leave residue.

    Here in the states, I have found it useful to also put a container in the toilet tank, to reduce water usage. People use to just put a brick in the tank, but as that breaks down, it messes up the plumbing. I would use a sealable pint plastic jug, filled part way with stones and place it snuggly in the corner of the tank.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for sharing your tips Ren.
      I remember when I was a kid my dad doing that, putting a brick in the toilet tank. I know it saves water, but why he did it, I do not know, because he wasn’t that type of person and also are bill wasn’t based on water used, as we were not on a meter. Since those days though, water tanks have shrunk now and there are also a short or long flush on toilets now.

      I don’t know anyone who uses tumble dryer sheets, but I use elbow grease when it comes to soap scum, but it’s a good tip for those interested in this and to shine chrome. Thank you. 🙂

  3. I meant to suggest or ask if you have read the 1926 book by George Samuel Clason, “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Nearly 100 years old and it still holds true for today. Amazing! I found it to be VERY helpful. Gives money a different perspective. Sometimes you can find it as a free read on the internet.

    1. No, I’ve not heard of this one. I shall make a note of this book, as it would be interested to read this book.

  4. I too cut the boys hair plus my husband’s! We have a strict budget for food and I cook to a menu each week which I plan in advance. It gives me a sense of order and it saves a fortune. X

  5. I use vinegar and water and bicarbonate of soda to clean everything, I treat myself to a glass spray bottle and dilute vinegar in it, it is amazing on glass and windows, and bicarbonate of soda is a great scourer. I use the inners of cereal boxes, the greaseproofey type layer as freezer bags, and empty soya milk cartons to plant seeds in 😊

    1. Hello Kathryn and thank you for joining in. Those are great ideas.
      The inners on cereal packets are great for that. I have one time used them to wrap sandwiches in, but because I have not done this in a long time, this reminded me I can start saving these again. X

  6. .
    “COFFEE FILTERS”! Smiles. “One can even re-use used coffee filters. These can be put into the bottom of a flowerpot or in the bottom of a planter. When you water plants or water flowers, usually some or lots of the dirt runs out of the bottom through the drain hole. You don’t want that to happen. So before you put those flowers into the or those seeds or into the planters. Line the bottom with used (or with clean) coffee filters. If you can use the unbleached ones or the natural ones”. artfromperry

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