A little downsizing and attempted saving

So as I talked about in “Chit-chat June, with a bit of frugal living,” I did a little bit of clearing; selling my unused/unloved Casio keyboard and the cat carrier that is not likely to get used anymore, which I said why in a past post, so not repeating here.
My bookcase I was originally going to sell, I was told of a charity that may have my large dining table I was giving away for free. So after looking them up, as I have never heard of them before, I emailed them and shared them my links to the adverts I had going for both of these items and they were happy to have them. So these will be collected by this charity next week and I have removed the ads. Although I was selling my bookcase originally, I was happy for the charity to have it, if they wanted the table, so it would be worth them collecting.
I have ordered a smaller white table with drop down sides, from a local shop. Although smaller, it will do me ok. Even for study!
Although books taken off my bookcase have nowhere to go, I am determined that I will work this out, whether now, or later when I move one day. They are in bags, but I have put them in a way that I know where a particular book is. When read, they will be one, or two books I will probably no longer need, so you never know, I may do a book giveaway again, for a chance of a lovely reader who may like it. But I’m not promising anything.
Doing this little downsizing by giving away the two furniture items and having a much smaller table in place, (that will fit through my door on moving day,) will help to give space that I may possibly need, when I find the right one-bed property.

The attempted saving

I saved on quite a bit of money, by having a second attempt at cutting back the over growing Buddleia from a neighbour’s yard and my over growing ivy. I made the second attempt one evening, where I hoped the pollen count would be lower than in the day. But with how the weather had been, I doubt the pollen count was low and it was still warm outside. But I got it done in the end and suffered with the effects of the hay fever for the next hour. My asthma, although aggravated, I thankfully did not need my inhaler.

Now the bit where I mention attempted saving.
I have saved some, but not all of it as I would liked. I had to rely on dipping into it, because of the disabled bus pass I lost. I have walked home some nights from work as you know already and god, I knew about it the second night walking home this week and the following morning.
I obviously bus it down to work, but there is also some days I will have to bus there and back till I receive my replacement, because of other things going off.
Also with something else going off, that I needed to get info on, to make sure it was happening when I was told and other info, meant I had to pay, to eat out. But in the end, I am just not worrying about it. There has been other important stuff going on, that just gives me the fuck it attitude. In the end, I have still saved and with the frugal spending I have each week and knowing I have saved more than I expected there… well, I’m not going to tick myself off.


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