Empathy in the work place

Compared to my old place that had no empathy, other than when they had to follow procedures when you were off sick from work, my new work place has empathy.

I have been feeling emotional, as I find the court case is finally coming around, for the death of my cousin and her husband. I have tried to keep this outside of work, but because I called into the courts one occasion prior to work, to find out some information, it meant I wasn’t my usual happy self and I had a little anxiety.

It’s lovely to know I have he support from the lady who is in charge of us, should I need it. One being time off work, if I certainly heard this right, but I do know that being at work is the right thing for me. But I do have an annual leave I put in, for the hearing.

This is all I will reveal here, on my blog about the latest development that has finally come around. I am not going to reveal how I feel, or how my mum feels and why I feel I need to attend the court hearing and nothing more will be said in any future pots either. This is out of respect for all family concerned and to keep everything private. (Hence this post will be closed for comments.)

For those new to my blog this year, this is the post where you will find my “Double Heartbreak.”