Book review: “Reasons To Stay Alive,” by Matt Haig.

This is a true story how author, Matt Haig came through his mental illness that almost destroyed him and he learnt to live again.

This book I believe, would be a good book to raising awareness of mental illness. He tells it as it was, for him, which many will relate to.
For something that was such a dark time for him, before he learnt to live again, the book is moving, funny and joyous, that will keep the reader engaged.

When I picked up this book to read, I learnt the author lived in Nottinghamshire. (I don’t know him.) He now lives in Brighton and he is the best-selling author of five novels, including “The Humans,” “The Radleys” and “The Last Family in England.” Matt Haig has also written some award-winning children’s books.

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2 thoughts on “Book review: “Reasons To Stay Alive,” by Matt Haig.

  1. This sounds like a brilliant book! I’ve seen it around and always wondered if it’s worth reading and it sounds like it is. Thanks for the great review Liz! 💖 xx


    1. Yes it’s certainly worth reading.

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