I will bide my time

Today, when I arrived home from my volunteer work, there was a letter waiting for me, from a housing association. At first, I thought how did they get my address? I soon realised after opening what it was all about and remembered. A bid on a one bed ground floor flat I made two weeks ago, it turned out I was shortlisted amongst others to view. At first I was surprised, then excited, but then I started reading the letter. The open invitation was this Thursday coming and what I am expected to put together in this space of time, I thought I will not rush for, as there was more to do than originally said when I applied at the time. I was and still am at a very high position on the list, so if that many are really turning up, more so I won’t bother, because the one highest on the list will get it.
Secondly, the day it fell on, fell on a day I have to be at home and lastly, since bidding for that property, I have since got studio on my mind. Since bidding for that studio last week, it got me excited in just knowing how much I could save and this was not counting the gas and electric I would be saving either. Comparing that rent also to this one, (this property I am short listed for,) I could still save more, by just waiting that bit longer for a council property than a housing association one.

You see where this is going?

So by the time I thought all the above through, I could just not care less,even more.
I am happy to bide my time and see what future council properties come up. Especially studios, now this curiosity has grown on me more. I will bide my time.

I know the studio property I bid on last week, with the council has gone, but I will carry on looking with them and see what comes up. When I particularly bid on the studio ones, I will especially observe just where I am on the list, because after seeing where I was on the list for the one I lost on, the chance of getting one, looked a little better.