My blood pressure update

I have been monitoring my blood pressure closely since I had a high reading at the doctors once, followed by concerns by a nurse taking a couple of readings.
It turns out after today, that the concerns given by the nurse were not needed once again. The doctor looked at past readings since seeing him and my daily readings I had taken since the last appointment with the nurse and he is happy. My blood pressure is OK.
Now I knew it would be, given my own readings, but I was not given the impression of this at my last appointment with the nurse, hence taking daily readings since then, which I explained to my doctor today.
My doctor had a rather puzzled expression after I said this and looked back at his notes for the last reading with the nurse and said it was fine that day.
All I am to do, is do my own reading now and again, which if I asked every two weeks ok? He said yes. But I imagine giving his face expression, he will be happy me doing it once a month too, like I used to, till I stopped doing it.
So he is happy and as you know I am happy, because you know how much I did not want to go back on medication.

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