Just a chit-chat

New table

My new, much smaller table.
It’s a drop-leaf table, but compared to my last table, this won’t need taking apart, to get it through a door.


I missed not having a dining table, while waiting for this one.

Hoping to sell my giant bean bag

Now not used this past year, or two, this giant bean bag is still in the same good condition as I originally bought it, many years ago.
With the possibility I could be in a studio flat one day, with now bidding on these, as well as one bed flats, more reason to sell.


I am back on Twitter. This, like before is for my own personal benefit, so I won’t be sharing my Twitter link with anyone.
I rejoined because I learnt of a fire near my mum, that was bad and I wanted to find out how it started, to ease my mind. So it was either Facebook, or Twitter and the choice was an easy one to make. So Twitter it was. Facebook is too negative for me. I will use Twitter will for local, personal news updates.


I noticed last week how the timer was not moving, so this will mean I will need to keep an eye on it closely, so I don’t overcook my food. I thought to myself, after noticing this, am I going to buy another when this packs up completely? I have decided I won’t. This microwave was given to me by my mum, because she did not want it. But also she said it wasn’t working right. But mum wasn’t able to tell me in what way it wasn’t working. It’s been working alright for me in the time I have owned it, until now the timer not moving. If microwave one day goes, there will be room for a toaster.

4 thoughts on “Just a chit-chat

    1. When I was thinking this, I even used the oven for what I would normally use the microwave for and it confirmed my feelings more. 🙂 x

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      1. Thank you. I have decided to go another step further and listen to myself. I really don’t want my microwave. I hope to give it away for free, pointing out how the time stuck once but works otherwise well.
        As my mum gave it me originally, I have texted her, to check she does not mind me doing this. I can imagine she won’t, but checking first. 🙂

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