Thank goodness everything is fine

Today, I made a trip to my dentist for an appointment I made last week. I was actually convinced I had another tooth abscess.
If you remember, I mentioned in a post somewhere, (which was probably a chit-chat one,) back in May when I had an appointment, at that appointment my dentist was concerned an issue of tooth troubles may start after him seeing a sore/ulcer there on the gum, which I was totally unaware of and because on examination I was in no pain, it was left to that.
Back to present,the last couple of weeks, I have been having a dull ache on and off, then towards last weekend, my gum area of the suspected tooth was very sore when brushing. For two days, while brushing, it bled a fair bit. Then for the next few days, I started to taste in my mouth the same as it tasted for my front tooth now on, when the abscess appeared there. So at this point, I was really convinced I had an abscess.
Today’s appointment has shown I don’t have an abscess thankfully. There was no swelling and no sign of infection. All I had was, soreness between this tooth and a neighbouring one, which I think it was the wisdom tooth. He cleaned around these two teeth, before I was sent on my way.

All I can say is, I am relieved and thankful.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, dentists can, but if it had been the case of a tooth abscess, it would have come out, this one. I would have been adament on it. So for anxiety, I was not bad, as I have eased my anxiety on a lot of things now when it comes to them. But it was a relief to hear all was well.

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