I won’t rest until it is 30mph

The road where my cousin and her husband died, was 60mph and from me seeing evidence from the crime scene, to show how the accident happened, shows that the speed limit needs to change. I won’t rest until I see it being 30mph, all through.

My friend, Andrew has been keeping me updated on the Facebook page that was set up for Sandra and Michael. They have been campaigning for years to bring the speed limit down and since the deaths of Sandra and Michael, they have been doing new campaigns. There is already a start of things to happen in October, this year, with the rest to follow after. I am hoping that 30mph will be one of them. It needs to be 30mph all through and I hope they finally listen to the locals there.

I have written an email today, not so long ago, to my local County Councillor. I hope I hear something.