Email I sent to local Councillor

I mentioned in ‘I won’t rest until it is 30mph,’ how I had emailed my local Councillor, about my feelings of Sandra and Michael deaths and the road they died.
I realised today, after sending yesterday, that my local Councillor was not the best idea and it needed to be the Councillor for the area where they lived, that I was given originally. So I sent an email back to my local Councillor and, said I was writing to someone else about this matter and to whom. I then sent an email to him, as I had written before.

Although the tragic accident is public, I have withheld some information, because I do not want to give it out regardless. This is also respecting family privacy, while I get my feelings off my chest.

Dear (name withheld)

I am writing to you to share my feelings about the deaths of my cousin and her husband; Sandra and Michael (last name and name of places witheld.)

They both died in a tragic accident on (Place name withheld), when walking back home with their shopping. What has made this worse for me, is that until I attended court on, I did not know until then exactly what happened. I found out about their deaths the day after it happened via social media. The police were great who were there on court day, each talking to me about the accident and one who was investigating the accident, shown me the evidence of the crime scene and explained how they came to the conclusion they did.

This now brings me to say that (place name withheld) should be 30mph all the way through.

Where Sandra and Michael were killed, that part of the road was 60mph.

It’s been proven you can’t drive down that road anywhere near that speed limit without losing control of your car.

Two people I loved dearly and were both in good health, died, because someone lost control of their car, while under that speed limit.

Their final years have been robbed from them and their families.

I know how dangerous that road is as I have walked down it many times. I have felt the drag from a passing car, while on the pavement, nearly putting me into that road.

Both Sandra and Michael were walking on the pavement, when they were killed.

The speed limit on this road is out of date and this now needs to be changed to 30mph. You cannot rely on the individual driving.

Since the deaths of Sandra and Michael, there has been a Facebook page set up for them called, “For Sandra and Michael,” which a friend is keeping me updated on, as I don’t do Facebook.

I have learnt since their deaths, that they have been campaigning to get this speed limit dropped, amongst other things, since I was a teenager.

While that road remains at 60mph, no one is safe whether walking on pavement, or driving.

Does the council want more deaths?

Sandra and Michael (last name withheld) are not a number, or a stastic. They are people. They were enjoying their retirement.

They had a smile every time I seen them. Their rays of sunshine have now gone, because someone was careless with their driving and because the speed is currently at a dangerous 60mph, for that road.

I want to see 30mph all through and I won’t rest until I see it.
When is the council going to change the speed limit, on this road?

(and my name at the end, as I would address myself when writing, or emailing.)