My happy memories with my cousin and her husband

These happy memories were painful, as I wrote these down with my Sharpie pens. I had to stop and return to it another day, as I mentioned in “The painful healing journey starts.”


Looking at this again, although it still hurts, it’s not as painful as it was when I first started writing this.

My happy memories, with Sandra and Michael

  • In the car with Sandra. ‘Showaddywaddy,’ is playing. I get Sandra to fast forward to ‘Hey Rock  ‘n’ Roll,’ so the music is turned up and we could throw our hand in the air to the bump bump bump of the drum, in the chorus part. While we are doing this in the car park of a pub, Michael is sitting on the wall with day and they are laughing.
  • Polishing for Sandra, with her brass, on her brass ornaments and on the bottom of her lamp.
  • Having weekends at their house.
  • Having week’s on ends, in the school holidays.
  • Knowing the love they had, for children.
  • Chats with Michael.
  • Chats with Sandra.
  • The laughs with them both.
  • Sandra’s baked dumplings.
  • Chippy night.
  • Seeing part of a farm with Michael.
  • Decorating their Christmas tree a couple of times.
  • Day trips out.
  • The car rides.
  • Doing odd bits of cleaning for Sandra.
  • Seeing Sandra’s work place.
  • Decorating for them.
  • Michael’s perfect ‘dippy’ boiled egg, for breakfast.
  • Their smiles. I will never forget their smiles.

2 thoughts on “My happy memories with my cousin and her husband

  1. I think this is a wonderful thing to do, to remember the happy memories. I’m so sorry such a tragedy robbed them of their lives and you and their families the chance to spend their lives in their presence. I think the letter (your next post) was very well said, especially asking the council rhetorically if they want more deaths. I do hope they take adequate time to consider the event and your perspective and see logics and sense in reducing the speed limit.x

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    1. Sandra and Michael were close to be a set of parents for me one time. This was around the time when I was 11 and my mum having a breakdown. As my dad was much older and my mum not being well and an inpatient for for a while, my dad, Sandra and me were sat together, talking about the possibility of me living with them and how I felt about it. My dad wasn’t in good health and with having some black outs due to my mum being an inpatient at a clinic and the going ons around that time, it was like a back-up plan for my dad, knowing I would be in safe hands and because I loved going down there.

      I really hope the council finally listen. It won’t bring my family members back, but it means no one has to go through what we have been through. X

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