Frugal Living – part 3

A difficult month money-wise, between last post and this. My budget did not go to plan either – money I wanted to save, I ended up touching. I did end up putting some away, but not what I originally planned. I suppose I should be thankful that I did put something away, because I wasn’t expecting it to happen.

Starting to freeze my bread

I know a few of my friends do this and just take out what bread they need. I have just started doing this myself now and it makes it so much easier for me, than I realised. I wish I did this sooner. I have been careful in the past when buying bread, to reduce wastage. But doing it this way, is much easier I have discovered and I totally recommend it.

Do you freeze your bread and only take out what you need?

My monthly phone contract

I ran out of internet allowance on the final week, so I had to buy an add-on. This did not help my budget and I hope to not do this on next month’s. I do use wifi, but because of where I was and what I needed to do, I had to get one.

No more cling film

Now I have no microwave, I don’t need to buy anymore cling film, when I run out. The remainder I have, I have had since last year because I hardly used it. I don’t know how much I have left, as I have not really looked. But I would not be surprised if I still had this box next year.

What I am not allowing myself to buy

You may remember the book review I did, “The Year of Less,” by Cait Flanders. I’m using one of her tips I have not used before and that’s creating a list of items I am not allowed to buy, because I have plenty of it.

What I have banned myself from buying:

  • Perfumes
  • Moisturisers
  • Shampoo
  • Nail varnish

I meant to share this in an earlier frugal living post.

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15 thoughts on “Frugal Living – part 3

  1. I don’t freeze bread but it’s a good idea. A guy I dated once did this, the first time I’d ever seen the defrost function on the toaster used!! x

    1. Oh yes. The defrost function on a toaster. Many years ago, when I was much younger, I used to think what the heck it was for and I wondered when a young adult, is there any point. I don’t have a toaster and I don’t have any plans to, even though I have the room, now microwave gone. But even if I had, I wouldn’t use this function. I take out my bread needed the night before and cover it. I either have it in fridge, or on the kitchen worktop.

  2. I’ve been freezing my bread for years. It definitely helps to prevent ​from wasting. I like the idea of the “don’t buy” list. Great post!

    1. Thanks. Yes, the don’t buy list is a good idea if it’s something you have enough of already, or what you consider you can do without.

      I wish I started freezing the bread sooner now. But better late than never, as they say. 🙂

      1. Exactly. I think that list will help with determining needs vs. wants.

      2. Yes and this is also what Cait Flanders talks about too, in her book, the needs vs. wants.

  3. I freeze sliced bread and only if it is going to be toast will I ever bother with it again, I have learned through experience. Bread stays in the fridge and sometimes it is just clear to me that we are not using enough to make it worth having, so if too long goes by, the bread goes into the yard for whoatever creature wants to eat it or or whatever compost it wants to become. Then I don’t buy anymore until I use up the ancient relics in the freezer. Honestly, in our house the only bready thing we use regularly is Ryvita crispbread.

    1. Thank you for your take on this. I know before I started freezing bread, I was buying either a very small loaf, or cobs, as this worked out best for me.
      With me planning my meals, I knew that there would be some days I wouldn’t have bread, cos I’d either have crackers, crispbread, or Ryvitas. There are a huge range in the Ryvitas now, isn’t there, to make it interesting?

      Bread wastage before freezing was either small amount, or none at all. But now by freezing, I can make wastage be nil.

      I would love to put bread out for birds, as I used to do this, but where I live now, I would put birds at risk with the cats that are around here, including next doors cat.

      1. In our yard, it’s all deer, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and the occasional red fox, who bugs me by trying to catch the others. I put out seed for them all, and the bread goes on top of the compost pile so anyone who wants it can take it. It has too little in the nutrient department to really be good for birds as a regular diet. Too bad people still let cats out, since they do harm plus get in trouble themselves.

      2. You have some lovely wildlife to look at.

        When I have owned cats, both mine were indoors. My last one especially was, but the previous, although mainly indoors, I let her out a few times with her originally having access and crying to go out. Cutting time outside down very slowly over the years, I could see she wasn’t that bothered in the end, which was good, because at that point she had to stay in due to being on daily medication.

        Where I live now, it’s like cat alley. I see more cats here than anywhere else.

  4. Yup. Me too. We have a bread maker which in the long run has saved us an absolute fortune but to have a frozen sliced loaf is really useful.

      1. They’re brilliant. Ultimately they save money as all you really get through is the flour which is cheap … and it’s so much better for you because there are none of the additives to make it last longer. I love my bread maker!

    1. Hi Geri and thanks for your comment. I love baguettes too, but your comment has reminded me that it has been some time since last having one. There’re lovely when warm with butter.

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