Challenging a need and a want

With me using my mobile phone more, for accessing the internet, with this being the way I access the internet at home, I am noticing my phone cannot cope with it.
It’s not the network, which I quickly ruled out and the phone I have, which I bought second-hand, cannot be updated to the latest browser.
I also see, after comparing to a phone I intend on buying, after looking at different ones before choosing, that the new phone will be better than my current one, for my needs. Better processors inside the phone and up-to-date android system.
In the past, the last couple of occasions I have bought phones second-hand, but this time I intend to buy new.

So I know I need a new phone and I will allow myself a new phone, with this being my way of accessing the internet now, whether via my own network, or WiFi.

But this is now where I challenge my needs and wants.

I don’t want to just draw out savings, to buy this phone. So what am I going to do?

Well, this is simple, but it also the challenging part for me. I am going to have to sell something.

And this being you ask?

My Macbook Air laptop.
I have not used this much, since I bought my desktop Apple desktop computer, which is also second-hand. The Apple desktop I have, I watch dvd’s on, as better sound for me, even though I still use my subtitles, like I would with a TV. It’s a bigger screen compared to the laptop too.
I occasionally use my phone’s hotspot with this and if I was ever to have home internet again in the future, I rather do it through this.
The desktop is my entertainment. So it is obvious to me, what to let go. The challenging part is letting go, but I knew one day I would do this, because there is no need to carry a laptop around me for WiFi, when my phone can do this and why keep something that doesn’t hardly get used, or probably not at all later?

If I want the new phone, then I need to fund it by selling what I no longer need. By looking where I plan to sell my laptop for cash, this should cover for the phone I plan to buy. But if it’s not quite enough, then only a small amount will be needed, to cover the difference. Once I know I am ok with the new phone, I shall sell the old one at the same place for cash, which I see I will get more than I expected for. The money from that, will go in my savings.

I am not a gadget person, but although I love the laptop still, it’s not getting used like it once was. Something I no longer need can’t be left just lying around, it would start to create clutter in my eyes. So as it is no longer wanted, I will sell this for the phone that I need, otherwise I would not allow myself the phone.


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8 thoughts on “Challenging a need and a want

    1. Yes. It gave me a headache looking at different phones, so I was making the right choice.
      As much as it would be hard surprisingly to give up my laptop, even though it makes no sense keeping something that stays more in a bag and losing value the longer I keep it, it makes sense to sell and use the cash for the new phone. Doing this today. X

    1. I got the money I expected for my laptop and now charging new phone, which won’t take long to charge to a full charge. I even had change, so that bought lunch today and so spent time in town sitting and chatting over lunch for a couple of hours, before me coming home.

      1. We receive what we believe. I’m happy you got more than enough, and can enjoy a leisurely lunch! What a beautiful moment. Congratulations on the new phone. xx

      2. Thank you. I am using phone now as I write this. It will take a little getting used to as the phone is so light. Xx

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