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Now I know what my options are in regards to living in a home, which for me is private renting, until one day I am in a council property, my next step is more experiences. There are things I want to do, but because of trying to save every penny, meant some experiences were put on hold. Although I still need to save while private renting, instead of saving every penny and preventing myself doing some of these things, I can start to save for the experiences now, for where I need to have the money for some of these things.
I don’t need to put anymore in my ISA, as I have enough in there for the unexpected and to cover moving costs, but I will put in now and again. Where I chose originally that this year would be my last holiday, now it won’t need to be, so I plan on having at least one holiday next year, but if I get to have two, then great. That’s if they don’t clash.

So what experiences would I like to do?

The following I would like to do, I am not going to be doing them within the next year I would like to add. There is no time limit on these, but it’s something I would like to do now and in the future. I may feel I want to add something else to this list later, so it may be a post I would bring up again and certainly something I will need to make a note of, so I don’t forget this list.

So on to my list of experiences I would like to do, which may not sound a big deal to you, but some will push me out of my comfort zone.

  • Holiday back to Brighton, next year.
  • Holiday back to Torquay next year, if it doesn’t clash, otherwise I will be going the year after.
  • Travel on the train to Skegness. (This will be out of my comfort zone.)
  • Travel on train to Oxford (When I have done the Skegness one first. This will be another out of my comfort areas still though.)
  • Making my own way to some areas that require public transport. Although not far, because I have to find my own way, it will be out of my comfort zone and raise my anxiety.
  • To go on a mini version of the London Eye. (Out of my comfort zone big time, because I hate heights.)
  • To see the sun rise.
  • To see the sun set.
  • See Newquay, Cornwall and Devon.

As I say, this list is for what experiences I would like to do at some point and there is no time limit on it.

I shall cross them off, when I have done them.

Are there life experiences you’d like to to do?

Post update, on 26th August 2018:

I have crossed off moped idea. Explanation to come in a Chit-chat post, in September.

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  1. Dang girl! This is powerful!! Do you know how powerful this is? To allow yourself the experiences NOW of what you desire! WOW!!!!! Proud of you, Liz!! So many people keep saving to have their experiences and end up never having their experiences cuz they get too old……or whatever.

    May I add a thought….It’s my belief, what ever you believe to be true, will be your experience. So, maybe, instead of saying that something will ”raise your anxiety” (if you believe it will, it will)….. why not say something like…..”it will be out of my comfort zone and I look forward to experience of blah, blah, blah.”
    And see if you can imagine it and feel it in your heart or mind’s eye of how good it will feel when you accomplish living-outside-the-box experience. Then focus on that as your ‘end-result’.

    Oh my….and to take on the experience of facing ‘heights’….wow! I am going to google what this London Eye is (you said mini-version)….. I do not like heights either and living in the mountains for 2 years has helped greatly.
    You have some wonderful experiences to injoy.
    Thank you for sharing…..

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    1. Yes, I feel powerful in these experiences I would like, as you felt from the post yourself. 🙂
      I do try positive words similar to what you say, it does help a little.
      And yes, I want to do things now, while I can. I have heard people regret not doing certain things and I don’t want to be one of them. Xx

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    2. If I get to go to Brighton next year, they have a smaller version of the London Eye, so I would be able to do it then, if it’s still there. Torquay had one too, if still there.

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      1. I look forward to your adventures….

        Another little trick which helps to rewire the brain, cuz that is actually what you/we are doing….. is to be conscious of your choice of words. Use strong, action words, rather than words of limit.
        Words like ‘if’ and ‘try’ are not very useful for growth. They keep us feeling ‘limited’.
        When you can catch yourself, (if you want to) you can change your thought-wave/words: from if to WHEN. From try to I WILL do such and such. Can’t to CAN.
        Those are things that help me, so I wanted to share with you…. 😀

        Whoa! That London Eye is trippy!!! Not sure I would want to even go on a small version. You a brave and adventurous gal!

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      2. Thank you Ren.

        I have wanted to do this for some time after another friend who I met and keep in touch with from my previous blog days had done the London Eye one,even though she is terrified of heights. She inspired me.
        Although the smaller version is much smaller compared to the London Eye, the effects from the heights and fear will be all the same. But I still want to give it a go. Who knows, the London Eye could be next. 🙂
        I put this adventurous thing that’s coming out of me more, since having the experience of driving a car.

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      3. I was wondering if your car driving experience was your catalyst into your new world. Those lessons alone, was a brave mission you took on.
        You blew me away with it, actually. Like, “Didn’t see that one coming!”
        And thank you for accepting my sometime ‘long’ replies.

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      4. I appreciate your comments Ren, as I do anyone that take their time to leave comments. 🙂 Even long ones. Xx

        Although I don’t plan to drive anymore, even if I could afford to, the lessons were not wasted. It gave me more new found confidence and certainly have played apart with my latest plans.
        Although riding a moped is one, it doesn’t mean I will go as far as being on the roads, but to just basically have a go. I have looked into it and when it’s time, I will look at where it is the nearest to go from where I live, for a have a go session. Having a go on a moped may shock some friends. x

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  2. I’d like to go back to Oxford (only went the once); my brother lives there, but not in the centre. I’ll join you in wanting to go to Brighton – I’ve never been but would really like to go, preferably in nice weather! I hope you can tick off a lot of these positive experiences soon 🙂

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  3. Definitely ride a moped! I am actually a member of the Moped Army (yes, that is what it is called!) in the US, and our group hosts a rally in Houston every year. Riding is so much fun, and a lot less scary than a motorcycle! Just wear a helmet and be very careful in traffic–just like riding a bicycle. Don’t assume anyone will see you.


    1. Thank you for sharing.
      I won’t say never, as in not riding on a road one day, when it comes to a moped. But if I choose to take it further, there are going to be some people that may worry. Starting with my mum.

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