Book giveaway to come

I’m hoping winner of previous book giveaway announced yesterday, claims their book, as I would love to post their prize. The winner has 7 days from yesterday’s​ date and email sent to winner announcing it, to claim their prize and letting me know where they would like it posting. 🙂

Book giveaway​to come, is this book as photographed.


It’s the, “Women’s Car DIY – The Multi-Tasker’s Manual,” by Caroline Lake.

This book is brand new and something I bought for me, when I was all for having my own car. As I do not plan to do this now, I thought I will do a giveaway on here soon for anyone here who might like it.

When I post this giveaway later, as this post is just a preview of book giveaway to come, you will need to be quick, as I will do this giveaway first come, first serve type giveaway. But just in case this book giveaway does not interest anyone, I will also put a deadline on the post being up and visible.

As I say, this post is just to announce the book giveaway coming soon, so you know of a book giveaway coming. So if it is a book you would like, or know someone who does, then keep your eyes peeled for the post. It will be my last book giveaway too. (Of this year.) This book giveaway will be announced some time in September. 🙂