This post is for those that receive my posts via email, this includes post update on one posted this morning.

Sometimes, I don’t notice an error like grammar in my posts until it has been probably aired an hour later, or more. Sometimes it can be an error on rare occasions that changes the line completely in a sentence of a post. I have also, on one rare occasions, added something to a post I may have missed mentioning.

This morning, I aired a post and I did not realise until after hitting publish and seconds later realising I got a date wrong in the post. That post has been corrected accordingly. But if you read your posts directly in your email inbox, as I tend to do, then you won’t realise I may have edited and corrected a post since, like this morning’s. So this post is to correct the mistake of that one.

I mentioned in, “Book giveaway to come,” how the latest winner had 7 days to claim their giveaway from a Monday’s date, when actually it was only announced yesterday. So I can only apologise for my mistake, which this one , I felt it was a big mistake for me. So that winner has 7 days to claim from yesterday’s date.