Can a reader of my blog help, with a mobile technology question?

I have a Huawei P smart mobile phone. This is a new phone that I have owned after buying it just a few weeks ago. I am happy with everything it does and I can certainly access the internet much better than my old phone. But I have one small issue and that’s when it comes to connecting to some places by WiFi.

I have a local area, when visiting, that when I try to connect to it, it won’t connect as it should. By rights, I should be clicking on a pop up box that involves me to check a box that acknowledges that I accept their terms and, conditions and that I am over a certain age. Once I have done that, I am logged in. But this phone won’t do that, instead it wants me to use a QR code. How to I bypass this?

I have got my phone to forget and try again, but it still does this. I thought I would try this, as when accessing WiFi on a bus, I use to have a different kind of log-in issue then. So turning WiFi off, then back on corrected this.


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15 thoughts on “Can a reader of my blog help, with a mobile technology question?

    1. I will have to try the opening of the browser again and see what happens. I did try it once before, but but nothing happened. Did you have to wait long for the prompt, when you opened your browser? X

      1. Thank you for your suggestions and help. I will try this again, when in the area and try a few times to see what happens. I have only tried twice maximum, opening my browser.
        This is the only downside I see with this phone. I don’t know if other latest brand phones have this issue. Xx

      2. I had several tries today where I am having the biggest issue, of not being able to log in to the public WiFi and I still can’t get in.

        I received an email from Huawei. But they have not read my email properly. Their reply tells me how to log in using A QR code. Handy if you need to know this, but not when you are asking them how to by pass that request and log in the way you normally would and how you log in this particular public WiFi I have issues with, since owning this phone. :/

        For those with this brand of phone and want to know how to log in using a QR code, than this info copied from my email will help. But only if the public WiFi you of into, has a QR code.

        Thank you for contacting Huawei Support UK.

        We are happy to hear that you recently purchased one of our devices! In response to your email, the QR code feature for the Wi-Fi is a security measure that was introduced with EMUI 8 user interface that your phone is using in order to offer extra security protection from public or untrusted Wi-Fi sources. To connect by scanning the QR code, please follow the instructions below:

        1. Go to Settings.
        2. Select Wi-Fi and turn on the Wi-Fi switch
        3. Once connected, touch the name of the network to generate a QR code.
        4. On the connecting device, touch the center of the screen and swipe down.
        5. Touch the button next to the search bar, scan the QR code and then follow the onscreen instructions to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

        I wonder if other brands of phones have this issue as well, where they can’t log in, because the phone is asking for a QR code, when a log in windows should pop up?

    1. Argos will be of no help with this. They will more likely direct me to Huawei. I have emailed Huawei, but I don’t know how long they take to reply. I have tried googling this issue, but there doesn’t seem to be an answer for this.

      QR code, you will find what it is about the n this link, which will take you away from my blog,


      1. All new to me. I do remember years ago, where I can’t get on like I used to with my old phone, when they first offered WiFi, they used to advertise a QR code. But since then, nothing like that is advertised of that nature in the building and it’s the way I have always done, as with old phone and the way they mention also on their website.
        If I am ever in an area that only does QR codes, I would need to research how to log in using a QR code, as all new to me. But I have never been anywhere that does it that way. 😊

      2. I’m sorry I cannot be of more help. I don’t connect my phone to wifi, so I have no idea what it does. It’s a miracle if it’s with me when out and about. It sounds like you are getting ready to learn something new. 🙂

      3. It will be something new, if I ever have to use a QR code in the future when using WiFi to access internet in public areas. But where I use it, not one uses a QR code.
        Unless a different suggestion comes along, or if I get an email from Huawei with suggestions, I will have to try what pascaleshealingjourney says. X

  1. So the issue continues where after using Firefox browser once and it worked, to now not being able to log in a specific public WiFi, because a pop up window I require to log in, does not pop up, Huawei customer care are looking not this and going to try and find a solution.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I had to look this phone up, as I have not heard of this brand before. It looks good.

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