I just wanted to give you an update, after my earlier post today.

Mentally I am better, but the tiredness is still there.

I felt that tired today on getting up this morning, that I just wanted to stay on the settee all day and night and not move. That’s until I made myself move, as I said in that earlier post; “A slow start.”
When I made myself move and got dressed, I went into town to buy a book, from Pets At Home, followed by a pot of tea, in a cafe on the way back.
It just felt like hard work to walk, like I had no energy and I really don’t know how I managed it at work tonight.

In the afternoon, before I went to work, I sat with my feet up and read the book I bought, which was a guinea pig book. Although I know some care details on guinea pigs, I wanted a book on the topic, whether I end up with one myself, or not.

Tonight, when I have had my camomile tea and had my cob with a cuppa soup, I shan’t be long to bed.

I plan to have a lazy day tomorrow and I am not going anywhere, until it’s time for work.
The plan is to put on a face mask while soaking in the bath, followed by a scented moisturiser that I find a relaxing smell.

Thank you to everyone that left messages in my previous post and also personal messages. Xx

10 thoughts on “I just wanted to give you an update, after my earlier post today.

    1. I call it cob, but some say bap. They may be other slang words. It’s bread, but instead of sliced bread, it’s round and made small enough for one person to eat.

      Cuppa, as in cup of tea. Cuppa being another slang word, us Brits use.
      As in my case, I like my tea in a mug. Lasts longer than a cup and can hold it better. Xx

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  1. Enjoy the much needed tea – I’m a mug user too, cups are just far too small for the copious amounts of tea I get through. I hope you can rest up and relax as much as possible, and that you’re doing a little better and brighter soon lovely.xx

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    1. That’s why I like mugs of tea, because they hold more, but also holding a teacup by the handle, does not work well with me; finger trapped and cup flying. Lol

      I am still feeling tired. But hopefully it will keep getting less this feeling. Xx

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